In fact, sex and eating and sleeping normal life as a normal person need to do mundane. Basic needs met can there be plump, more elegant life.

For men, marriage is largely choose a long-term sexual partners. Sexual harmony and stability in the long-term broadly to decide whether the marriage stable. If sexual disharmony, marriage is difficult to stabilize.giant dildos

Writer Eileen Chang said: "The way to a woman's heart through the vagina."

Sex is a woman accept a man, accepting intimate starting point, in order to share a special intimacy, women open their body.

Sex naked men and women make love to each other naked body while also each other's hearts.strap on dildos

"A man's foot in the third of her body, they will become her permanent memories." This is a man's logic.

Are women and men willing to have sex is determined whether a woman loves a man, or whether to continue to love their own unique test.

Men and women's sexual physiology is different, man's desire frequent and intense, the more tired of life, the more eager to make love to relax and unwind; while women it seems very different from a lot of women because the focus on work, career or child can forgotten desires.realistic dildos

The state should have a variety of sex, the lowest one is no love between men and women having sex with each other, is a pure physical desire to vent and relaxation, pleasure to a simple, direct, short, no aftertaste after sex, after the remains of emptiness and loneliness . Sex is the highest level of sex between men and women love each other, is the highest state of love. When men and women love closely linked, immersed in one another, the world would cease to exist, the world is two people in the world. The climax of pleasure comes through from the lower abdomen pubic spine straight head, biting, deep joy, prolonged, endless aftertaste. Such sex is physical and spiritual harmony, dual meet high happy experience, the only way to make lovemaking be really happy to meet each other.extreme dildos

Sex is an important source of human happiness. Lose this happy life is undoubtedly a major shortcoming.

Normal regular sex adult physical and mental health benefits. Woman with long without sex is easy dysmenorrhea, insomnia, neurasthenia; prolonged absence of men having sex easily susceptible to prostate disease. Therefore, from the wholesome sense, both sides are single case, I agree with one another but not yet reached the degree of love with each other like sex.strapon dildos

Picturebrutal dildos
First, the basic role of sexual awareness
After a 16-year-old, began to ask themselves is a woman - talk, walk, act, others, like the real woman, do not androgynous.
Second, do not light not heavy chastity
18-year-old neighbor boy with stealing the forbidden fruit, neither ashamed and do not count on it. It did not have it you are still you, the only change is that you know more of their own, and therefore more like themselves. If the 28-year-old still a virgin, they do not have pride do not have low self-esteem, but never met a person that Thunderclap, wait for their own opportunity.
Third, the most important safety
Unless planning to become pregnant, or be forever safe with enough rain gear, do not expect he'll be ready, will take good care of their own health care is a good woman.brutal dildos
Fourth, recognize their own requirements
20 years old, a positive understanding of their own sexual needs and sexual pleasure, knowing that come into this world, is like a man looking for a friend spend the two-phase joyous.
Fifth, respect for each other sexual feelings
The man on the bed, never underestimate his genitals, to the best way to express care and affection; sharing sexual experience; conservative sexual secrets between two people; break not displeased; never expose each other scars.
Six, self-comforting comfort is not shameful.huge dildos
30 years old, married or unmarried women, can be safe and hygienic way to seek self-comforting, recognizing self-comforting wholesome, family harmony and social stability beneficial. (Questioning the doctor out of the question unless otherwise people do not have to say, ladies decorate frigidity is good, is not publicly acknowledged self-comforting.)
Seven, the necessary camouflage
Men will camouflage foreplay, a woman will camouflage orgasm, are necessary kitsch, though they really true to false, half-truths to distinguish who is the woman the more keen to seek, experience and camouflage, the resulting orgasm more often .
Eight, the necessary fortification
25 years old, if not their favorite people, do dinner alone with him; if not ready to have sex with him, do not promise to his wife and children to sit; if not reliable people, do not travel alone with him; if you promise to , there should be mentally prepared for everything happened; even at the last minute you can calmly and politely refused. Women always have the power to say no, but to put it nicely.
Nine, even suffering from AIDS, you can also seek love and sexual pleasure, if done correctly can be.
If the person is suffering from infectious diseases, the same can be scientifically processed.
Ten, homosexuality is not terrible, bisexual not terrible, is not for fame and fortune selling sex.
Look is wrapped over the horrors of female singer came back, much less innocent family background Xiaojiabiyu popular. Once this thing make money instead of worthless, no longer being paid, even with the lost self-esteem, do keep a good.

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Pregnant you will come menstruation
Also to menstruation after pregnancy, is what happens after embryo implantation embryo implantation bleeding. Early pregnancy, when the fertilized egg implants, human chorionic gonadotropin began appearing in the urine, the first eight weeks of pregnancy peaked. The role of this hormone and luteinizing hormone similar to make the development of the corpus luteum corpus luteum. Corpus luteum continues to secrete estrogen and progesterone, the endometrium thereby become decidua, to ensure continued growth and development of the fertilized egg.best dildos
If pregnant women can not make chorionic gonadotropin into corpus luteum corpus luteum of pregnancy, while true decidua decidua is not completely fused with the package, there is a small part of the endometrium is still active, by the ovarian hormones, so they menstruation occurs more than a month even imperceptible bleeding. However, after 3 months of pregnancy, major hormone secreted by the placenta, instead of ovarian function, decidual time integration with the package really decidua, will not come menstruation.ejaculating dildos
In general, vaginal bleeding occurs after pregnancy does not affect fetal development and maternal health, and therefore do not need extraordinary treatment. Should pay attention to is that when the amount of menstrual cycle or menstrual changes, it is best to the hospital in order to identify the reasons for change.cheap dildos

Picturebig dildos
Although sex has become common of all human beings, "pastry", but the specific subdivision sexual customs, then, between the various regions of different sex was great.
There is only one to five hours a day in winter sunshine. So Icelanders seem to need to give yourself some fun to pass the time. According to statistics, the locals live an average age of first sexual intercourse was 15 years old.
Inspiration and inspiration. Even if the average age of our first night Icelanders late to nothing more than self-esteem, after all, a healthy sex should have a mature mind.brutal dildos
United States
For a young American women, the first thing to do after sex is to quickly wash the vagina to prevent pregnancy.
Inspiration and inspiration. Although the United States is a girl using questionable methods of contraception, but this is very American-style approach also led to gynecological circles over how to prevent sexually transmitted diseases intense discussion.
Greenland   big dildos
Near the Arctic Circle, the summer sunshine longer, even if it is midnight, still bright as day. Therefore, the people here have no mental burden, even boldly in the hot sun sex.
Inspiration and inspiration. Each sex, when regarded bedside lamp is turned on; or only at weekends 12:00 to 14:00 between the sex. Do Heidengxiahuo exercise habits can be changed to stimulate the body's potential and bring freshness to sex.
In Sudan, the Nuba tribes people, who look more beautiful the more there is no shame. Because in their view, only the most attractive man and woman naked body was allowed to live, while others are still to be dressed.glass dildos
Inspiration and inspiration. Biggest inspiration is: pretty no matter where what age is a kind of capital.
In the Masai tribe, we will use all the clothes hide body parts - in addition to sexual organs. Who is hiding the genitals also, it is simply a great insult!huge dildos
Inspiration and inspiration. Nothing to say.

Economy has a close relationship with nature. Denmark, a recent study found that when his wife twice money than their husbands, the husband is also the possibility of taking Viagra doubled.best dildos
Researchers surveyed 200,000 pairs of married couples wage gap and their sexual lives. It was found that the female breadwinner in the family, men using Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs probability is very high. The study also found that if the money has been better than husband and wife, the husband does not appear sexual function problems; revenue gradually over the husband if the wife, then the men prone to erectile problems.
Study reported that women become the main pillar of the economy trends make men bear psychological pressure. While the male libido and social factors are closely related, when the male breadwinner status has been usurped, you may produce depression, insomnia and other issues, thereby affecting libido.thick dildos

Picturerealistic dildos
1, a woman having an affair fascinating and charming
Having an affair, so that women learn more about yourself, know the most sought after and what is their most valued, this woman is very important, have a choice, you know how to give up. Having an affair, so that women targeted, solid pace.
2, betrayal and woman woman  ,strap on dildos
The affair like nowadays popular sea election, not any woman can "steal" to love, nor is any woman has the ability to charm, have the courage to have the opportunity to have the desire to "steal" to the situation.
3, a woman having an affair is an experience
The final betrayal and successful woman, a certain good woman, it must be the best woman.
Therefore, the process of a woman having an affair is a process of experience, is a let reborn woman, a woman's life, to love, marriage, fertility, but also to having an affair.realistic dildos
4, a woman can do back to the betrayal thief
However, having an affair just only boat traveling on the gentle river occasionally peek into the wind and waves, wind and waves will not let the boat subversion, the boat drum full sail, go ahead; affair is just the summer thunderstorms, storms, is still sunny.
5, betrayal and the physical sense of smell short get lost
Note! Betrayal is not a steal, but not steal material conversion. Betrayal is a fragrant perspiration dripping, shortness of breath, a nervous word relaxation pleasure, a Quest, curiosity, excitement, apprehension and even guilt words.
Betrayal derailed unrelated. Betrayal body olfactory short get lost, is the the spiritual focal length short fuzzy, a woman's life should be to do a back affair thief.
6, betrayal and meet the woman's curiosity
For men, the woman lying on her side of the man called her husband always filled with a kind of curious.
Many woman to death wants to unravel this mystery: why the creatures, and this man stay together for a lifetime? Therefore, women should have the adventure of a betrayal.
7, betrayal can open the mind of the woman
This adventure is a step by step to unlock the woman knot, the man who called her husband's, in fact, is the fate of an arrangement, said the encounter or that God or.
Back to the woman, she never can not explorers, because the woman from any man, including her husband always get only one word, lost. Like opening a big box small box gift, With packaging layers to open, the increasingly high expectations, and the result is foregone expected, in addition to the loss of what else?
8, betrayal and let women know better what is love  huge dildos
The woman is a desire for love will never meet the animals. She needs the care of a man, a man of great importance, and a man's body and mind to achieve a high degree of combined, even though women also know that this is how naive fantasy. The affair may be able to meet the woman of love the moment.
9, betrayal and a woman can not be wantonly emotional
However, women will soon find that her love is safe, is in line with the moral standards, but as long as it is having an affair, then the woman will not be able to set me free, their emotions can not be wantonly.
Of particular importance is the poor woman very life chase is that he is the darling of love, such feelings must be must be socially recognized, and betrayal can not make a woman experience such feelings, perhaps, is the true meaning of love.
10, betrayal and let a woman learn more about yourself
Everyone has two sides, a slut, a lady can be set in a woman.best vibrator
When the status of a woman a slut indulge yourself, she will find that the world has changed; Conversely, when her time to show his lady image, she would find the true nature of life.

Picturelarge dildos
DO --- "
1 bold touch these parts
The inside of the arm-hand gently stroked the hair a few parts, will give him a strong stimulus.
The inside of the ear - with tongue gently tapping the inside of his ears, you'll see how much he enjoy.
Adam's apple - this site has a lot of nerve endings, touch here would make him very comfortable.
Buttocks with your nails gently walk on his hips, quickly ignited his passion.
2. Their first excited
You think that men simply let his excitement? Fact, nothing more than make you excited to better stimulate him.
So, let's first excited wonderful flirting secrets.silicone dildos

Confident during sex
For men, confident woman is simply too sexy, irresistible charm.
So you did not need to care about the thigh or abdominal fat, in fact, very few men will notice these, even if the note, will not let you imagine disgust.
For men, it was just some fat.
4. Wear underwear
The man is 100% visual animals, they are extremely sensitive response to visual stimuli.
The woman they want to conceal the body, the men more you want to take a closer look.
Through a gauze underwear but not exposed, wear nothing more sexy and sultry. And took off his underwear this benefit left him to complete it.ejaculating dildos
5 Use musk ingredients perfume
The musk smell emotional exudes appreciate the closest, "musk" also depend on the distribution of this fragrance to attract the opposite sex.
So, it may be about 1 hour before intimate contact is ready to use a little perfume containing musk ingredients will definitely ignite his passion.
However, the amount must not be more than a little bit is enough.
Eyes smile in 6.
Yes, the eyes will laugh!
In the process of sex, eye contact is very important, watched with a smile lovingly, to make him self-confident, play better.
DO NOT --- "buy dildos
Do not coated with the oil to get there
You are ready to take advantage of the massage oil good sex foreplay?
You have to be careful, you can help him massage back massage shoulder massage leg is not applied to that part.
There really is very sensitive, if not accept the stimulation of massage oil, a good atmosphere may not.
2 Do not hard to beat.large dildos
Yes, sex gently pat can inspire fun, but you do not start too heavy, it really makes a man feel terrible!
In addition, when your hand to stimulate that part of it is to start it mildly, he does not want you to give him a molt.
Do not fiddle with his navel
A recent sex survey found that men do not like really super woman playing with his belly button!
So, do not think that while kissing him while playing with his navel sexy seductive!
Do not call his name right
Nickname it definitely makes the original passion quickly turned into a disaster, such as he quickly hand over their guns.
Or give her a surprise in her shower. Do not be too lazy, this is very important.
If you are able to more clearly with each other from the inside to the field to understand each other's body, then your sex will be more thorough, enthusiastic, make you unforgettable.

Do every day
Maintain a good sex life is based on mutual care and consideration, some of the chores may seem insignificant but allow the other party was understanding and caring.
Go to bed again: If you always get up early, the cuisine of some of the things the other did not get up in each other before getting up again into the bed, and chat with each other, hugging for a while.
Help each other to do little things: for example, the husband shave before his wife wipe the steam on the mirror; each other a few minutes before getting up, the other up the coffee, hot milk, or for good vase of water.
Share something: for example, open a bottle of beer, two people to enjoy, rather than one person to open a bottle; buy a newspaper, they circulated, rather than buy a copy of each.
Embrace: Whatever the case, home to a door hugging each other, loving family atmosphere.
Let the other ": Do not accuse each other in everything, it is wrong to blame each other, sometimes to put him (her) a horse, do not always finds fault with each other's decisions, this is not right, that's not good.
Love is a time brewing, at least once a week to arrange a couple of not less than two-hour conversation, in order to facilitate communication with each other; go out to eat breakfast or dinner. The important thing is not to eat and drink, but have the opportunity to come together to exchange and get along.extreme dildos
Recurring appointment: "Wednesday night is aware of happy hour in advance is not about other people, do not do anything else, go to a movie or watch a movie, or go to the restaurant to share delicacies, or do both like to do.
Walk together: by bus, by taxi may be enough "Privacy", and drive yourself, the process is too fast, it may be a destination within walking distance of the range of default, two people walk to talk while walking.
Things done once a month is not within the normal range. Dr. Susan Hendrick, professor of psychology at Texas Tech University in the United States, said: "do some different things with the past, or the past in different way to do something, you can make the other new feelings, so that the love that already exists intended to burst. "
Transform sex sites: If you usually talk in the kitchen, making love in bed, better to change upside down, try having sex in the kitchen, chatting in bed.
Switch roles: always his (her) washing dishes, a Sunday, you can be rushing to do simple household chores.
Cook for each other; usually always cook dinner for him (her), one day you can show their skills to cook a dinner for each other.
Once every 1 to 3 months
Any interpersonal friction. Accidentally, you will inevitably dissatisfied with the vent to your partner. Afterwards you need to take some measures to make up for the improved relations between the two sides ever.strapon dildos
Temporarily parting: weekend appointments, let your partner to see their brothers and sisters and your friends. Temporarily together, the two sides will be more missed.
Do a transaction: Throughout Sunday afternoon, the husband is always watching football, the wife will hate. One Sunday, his wife agreed with her husband to see televised football game, provided that he gave her to do a beauty massage.
Each anniversary of the planning: Let each birthday congratulations, anniversaries and holidays have become your festival, making love deeper, more enthusiastic.ejaculating dildos
The deep talk time: the intimate conversation can promote a more intimate relationship between the two, that will need to sit down and talk to thin, if the two sides argue over something more than a month failed to solve, in the end what makes the two sides can not compromise in order to find a solution. Some important things, such as money, sex life, sense of responsibility, to discuss, to compare the two sides on the perceptions and attitudes of these things. www.sifanghua.com
Together to do novel things: for example, two people to travel together, to listen to a symphony performances. In short, to do with something of interest to both novelty thing.monster dildos
Two people together to summarize the past and plan for the future will help to enhance the emotional intimacy.
For a checkup: do a pragmatic inspection and evaluation, the year of ideas, practices, plans, results, etc. think some improvement in the coming year.
Re-read a love letter: old love letters read it again, so that the fire of love reburning the heart grow fonder Benedict.
Write a love letter: frankly and boldly show your love and make an assessment of each other, and put forward plans for the future. Written, sent to go - even if you live together.

Husband and wife should work together to break this "hidden rules" Do not let these so-called rules of the two harmonious sex.brutal dildos
Unspoken rules: the woman can not take the initiative to
Lulu and her husband each sex, the husband did not know beforehand caress and play, do not know how affectionate afterwards. To change this situation, she decided to take the initiative.huge dildos
The beginning of the husband of her initiative also feel the novelty and excitement, passion after he does have doubts, he kept asking: these skills Where did you learn to? Is not out Touxing? "Every time thereafter sex and her husband, she felt awkward, like they really do what people can not see things outside. Lulu grumbled: "I took the initiative there anything wrong, why his old looked at me with that look?"
Users point of view:big dildos
Static snow: Once, I proposed to him affectionate. Who knows addicted to the ball game, he refused to me: "You did not see that I was watching football?" Really angry.
Grass: the wedding night, the husband said, you do Things have been like a Cougar, no strange feeling, but also asked me, we talked several times in love? From then on, every time and have sex with him, I have tight body , can not show a trace of excitement look. Once the show it, he would say: "Is not your boyfriend teach you?"
Expert advice:cheap dildos
The man is taken for granted that men take the initiative is only right and proper. Woman if sex was too active, will be left to his psychological shadow. Some men in the initiative of the wife to fear that their sexuality to die. These mental illnesses will affect the physical and "exotic", over time, will reduce the quality of life. In fact, able to experience the pleasure of the sexual life between husband and wife with a comfortable feel in the life of love for each other, why should they care who take the initiative? Who more? Like confluence of two rivers, there is no need to non- To identify which of the mainstream, which is a tributary.
Unspoken rules: who is better
Xiao Xue and green male have had a history of a marriage. Remarried, the two combined for the first time, Qing Xiong asked Xiao Xue: "compared to him in bed, the two of us who better?" Looking blue male sour look, Xiao Xue do not know how to answer.realistic dildos
Although she would like to know, his ex-wife how to behave in bed, but I am sorry to ask such question had to drill into the the his questions Jiaochen to his arms, the lift Fenquan grind him a few times: "You good or bad! "
I thought it will not become barriers to new life with each other, but he finished with frequently asked this question, sometimes subtle, sometimes beating around the bush, and sometimes even directly asked.
Xiao Xue really can not tolerate replied angrily: "far worse than he." So they went cold war for a long period of time.
Users point of view:
Taro: I have had similar experiences. Love when he told me on many occasions that I love you now, not your past. So we get married, every time you have sex, he made me a good wash, the words showing too I do not clean, do not want me to leave traces aversion others.
Flying: I do not like her Jiaochuang. Every time she called, I imagine the scene of her in the arms of her ex-husband. Although I hate her rigid and his ex-wife having sex, do not know why, I do not like the same now share insolent wife in bed.
Expert advice:strap on dildos
Remarried couples sex life with the term great concern lest their performance without each other. Women face-to-face will not say anything, but some small move to remarry her husband, said his wife's breast, sexy underwear, can not escape them sensitive to fine heart. However, veiled women tend to let them to these doubts buried Cangzaixinli. Men, in order to conceal this, they will use a variety of methods comfort, such as requiring women to erase the traces of life in the past. Since love is for both sides to come together, why do we care has gone away in the past. Cherish, cherish the new life is the right approach.
Editor's Choice: safety of life, away from the disease and how to create the perfect sex Top 10 Tips
Unspoken rule of three: of punishment
Two wedding anniversary the day, Chen Kun early call gave his wife Chen Jing, said she wanted out with her once. A meeting, he carried her to the bed. In his warm touch and her passionate response, the two quickly harmony. Halfway through, Chen Kun-stop action, and stammered: "Wife, there is one thing I want to discuss. ......
Speaks, he gave Chen Kun Chen Jing open, and increased aid, said: "I said how are you today so well, the original money to tell your dad, here we are not a cash cow."
Chen Kun's parents in rural areas, in order to the Chen Kun college and marriage, owed a lot of debt. Sometimes difficult home the parents is Meizhe, will be called to ask for money to Chen Kun.
Childhood, Chen Jing, Chen Kun parents can not understand the difficulties of living in the wealthy families of the city, every time their parents for money, she and Chen Kun quarrel.
Hing head of the wife wanted to say it, happy to get the money, I did not expect, then poured said she was thrust into the living room sofa.
Chen Kun Hing still unknown do with cold water had to forcibly extinguished passion. Chen Jing has been considered a woman's sexual punishment is the most powerful weapon in her hand, because the right to do it or not.
Therefore, she was a happy, inform the husband resorted to the "killer", not put him out to the living room couch, that is, to give him a back-to-back.
After some time, Chen found her husband chastened, refuses to talk to the family about the money, but is good for long periods of time and her affectionate.
Since then, even though she take the initiative, he can not erect. She accompanied her husband to go to the hospital discovered that her husband is suffering from erectile dysfunction due to a number of forms of punishment.
Users point of view:
Water pink: the original punishment is so terrible ah! Before, even if her husband made the thing that makes me unhappy, I do not let him close to my body. Sometimes, I deliberately put on the three-point stood before him, punish him. I want him to know, offended his wife's day how sad. I no longer do so.
North: My husband and trouble contradictions, the most commonly utilized weapon is not allowing him to have sex with me. To ensure that no two days, he would admit to me. , We quarrel powerful, a month, he did not request. I found his divorce papers handed over my hands, my bad temper and sexual punishment let him heartbroken.
Expert advice:
What is the problem between husband and wife, in good faith exchanges, mutual understanding and unified views of both sides, ease the contradiction in a timely manner, do not hope to solve the problem of punishment. Sex as weapons deterrent, threats, blackmail each other, the party to make punishable temperament, depression, it might even cause sexual dysfunction. Love the sight of two people with Xu is the highest state of love. If both husband and wife love each other, the best way is to communicate, communication, love thawed contradictions in order to achieve true harmony.

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