Lies One: "condom size is too small!"
She surprised a moment, 25cm size is not suitable for you, you are the world Could Wei man? May expose you her embarrassed face. She was puzzled, why do men always refused a condom?glass dildos
Intimate interpretation: Q 10 men, about nine men do not like to wear condoms in married life, why? Men are the most direct reason is that condoms interfere with pleasure, but this selfish reasons, but it can not be placed on the table.
In case said, the women will certainly huff: You men are selfish, if I was pregnant how to do so? So men do not want to wear condoms, the most common reason for dislike of condoms size is too small, the only legitimate objective reasons , but also to meet the man's vanity.brutal dildos
In married life, sometimes men like to lie like a child, these lies may be harmless, but the man was never bored. This in the end is why?
Lies II: "I do not need 'Viagra' it!"
Viagra comes, in order to "She is good, you like it," his wife secretly bought a box, smiling to come up before the married life. You tore Viagra thrown aside, jokingly said: "Do I still need to do this stuff?"
But that night, my wife woke up from a dream at night, but found that you are secretly studied Viagra instructions, and later his wife accidentally discovered that you would rather go to the hospital to buy a box of Viagra secretly dose, you do not want to use her to buy Viagra.huge dildos
Intimate interpretation: men are most afraid of a woman's sexuality imply that he can not. Viagra to buy him, is tantamount to sentencing his sexuality debilitating. A man aware of their sexuality downhill, is aware of the youth subsided, so men have swollen face in front of a woman filling fat, obviously you can not, but that is for Viagra nose.
Lies III: "My love affair is very simple, nothing to say!"
Women like men before questioning privacy, for example, there have been a few old love, ah, whether they like themselves so cute ah. At this time most of the men immediately became beak copper teeth, any woman how questioning, he only ambiguous smile, pretend like I was the last one virgin.
Intimate interpretation: men very clear, some experience and a woman can not say otherwise, jealous woman will inevitably come up in future will always hammering.
Lies four: "I work too tired!"
This is the most commonly used after a man excuse poor performance, a woman may be confusing: is it really? Most of the time, men are "the sexual abundant", and why there are always a few days a month, men would say that their job too tired?
Intimate interpretation: women do not want sex, you can use special time for reasons such as refuse, but our society and culture seems to have been suggesting that men are animals, all times are in the ready state of sexual arousal. However, the experts found that men and women, same as sexual refractory period. Men will have "a few days" could not get any interest in sex. Originally, a man can confidently tell a woman that he's not feeling well, so do not want to do, but say they fear will damage their image, we can only work tired as an excuse.
Lies five: "I do not care about the woman from!"giant dildos
Men like to use the "score" to describe the attitude towards women. A man like Otome obviously, if the other man asked a male, is not being Otome fascinated when he will probably say: "But how?" Women have always puzzled, obviously he vowed yesterday to his courtship to marry him, why was he Hupenggouyou midst, he changed an accent?
Intimate interpretation: have to admit that our patriarchal society still exist, and in many ways, including the following: one, the man is not easily reveal feelings (emotional blog, emotional speak), to pretend cool and deep, otherwise not like a man; Second, the man can not be too care about the woman, or someone else will be considered unpromising. Therefore, when a joke between men, and women will deliberately exaggerated sexual intimacy is just a game only to show their cynicism, apathy and determination. This is consistent with the image of today's society's expectations for men, so men do not care about the woman, the more behaved, the more it will have a face in front of other men.
Lies six: "active woman is very cute!"
When Xiaofeng and her husband began to discuss the topic of privacy, her husband more than once said that he likes to take the initiative to open the married life of a woman. Then one evening, Xiaofeng meticulously dressed up, posing as Arab mythology witch to seduce her husband, her husband came out from the bathroom, he was startled Xiaofeng's appearance was also angered laughing. Results that night, among them what "hot passion" had happened, her husband will Xiaofeng snub to the side, alone watching TV.realistic dildos
Xiaofeng full of grievances and asked her husband, the husband said: "I think you did before more lovely, and suddenly this change, I really some can not accept."

"Asexual" Let Kohane do Lapaoxinniang
Kohane family conditions are good, parents are businessman, but she was not tall and some rich state. Later, she met Amin, the two soon fell in love. Slowly the two feelings gradually warming up, the extent to talk of marriage, parents' marriage Kohane no opinion, but Amin's mother Kohane not very satisfactory. Amin has resisted the pressure, trying to convince his family, Kohane particularly moved, determined and Amin over a lifetime, the last two under the impulse of unmarried cohabitation. However, the result was unexpected. Originally, Amin "that thing" No, it makes Kohane really embarrassed. Not married, they began to run around in all the major hospitals, and finally the doctor said Amin have more serious physiological disorders, sexuality is affected in the short term is not easy to solve.glass dildos
Wedding approaches, Kohane anxiety began to reflect on their relationship, seriously think about their own life and the future, "Do I really do not care about sex? I can take years or even decades of sexless marriage you?" Kohane in the heart to ask themselves. Repeated after struggling Kohane made a decision: to be a Runaway Bride! Leaving only one reason, and that is Kohane not imagine Intimate couple of sisterhood like sleeping in a bed, but do not know if the mother can not do so, it will not will regret for life.brutal dildos
Correct view:
Sexual relationship is important, but not indispensable
Sexless marriage refers to both men and women in the undertaking to refrain from sexual relations on the basis of man and wife. Some people were acquired causes loss of sexual function, some people suffered major trauma mind yet out of the shadows, and some people are powerless due to congenital physical problems.huge dildos
In fact, in reality, a sexless marriage is not uncommon. Although sexual relations between men and women is a natural instinct of reproduction, but also the physiological basis of the marital relationship, but it is not absolutely essential. Medical research shows that each sex is equivalent to 25 minutes of aerobic exercise can enhance immunity, improve physical coordination. If prolonged absence of female sexual life, may lead to the production of certain physical symptoms, such as dizziness, frequent headaches, mental fatigue, quality of sleep, endocrine disorders. realistic dildos
Sex is an important part of living a happy marriage, everyone do not easily give up and try. While most sexless marriage is not the subjective intention of the parties, may be due to a number of physiological, psychological, congenital or acquired causes, had to temporarily or permanently into the vegetative state, then they need to face, with the tender care, scientific attitude, gradual improvements. Even through the efforts of the effect is not obvious, or if you really want to face decades of sexless marriage, it still can be alternative ways to get to meet the psychological and physiological, stable marital relationship, be happy.strapon dildos

Man's mind sometimes people can not figure, for example, when the House of Love, Here is a man love love the psychological.giant dildos
Men love love how there will be psychological
Men vent their emotions through sex
In modern society, men in social life pressures growing, especially in a competitive job, promotion, pay, develop customer and so on, are all to a man's spirit is often a state of tension.
So many men through sex to ease their emotions. In addition, when feelings between husband and wife in times of crisis, men also tend to want to intimate to weaken contradictory, but this way is often not understood by his wife, but that they have been man as a vent tool, the question arose aversion. In fact, men are vulnerable in many cases, they need to release the depressed mood and a desire to be understood. So, when you know this man's mental state, just as he was at a low ebb when approached him and encourage him, and listened to his talk, then give her a gentle comforting and hugging a woman, that would make the feelings between husband and wife more profound.realistic dildos
Tribute to his sexuality
In married life, whether it is physical thin or strong man, often will produce a concern about their sexuality will be no reason to doubt, did not know whether they can be counted as "Mr." and also worried about his wife underestimate their own performance. At this point, if the lack of communication between husband and wife again, men can not be expected in the more to be sure, so will be more dazed. Conversely, if a woman can give a man with a positive encouragement, and use the "You are really great," "You make me feel very happy," and so words to praise him, then the man will become very self-confident, but also will work harder to show their masculinity, so that women get more pleasure.
Face men's masturbation
There was a wife a chance to see her husband in masturbation, then you are a very strong sense of revulsion, or even feel the husband is sick, is a rogue. In fact, both men and women may have a masturbation behavior, and marriage does not necessarily disappear. Usually a man's libido women are more intense than some of, if he can not get it to meet his wife and occasionally take masturbation way to solve the problem. As long as not very frequent, such behavior should not be blamed. As a wife should face it, take the initiative to strengthen communication and coordination with her husband in order to achieve a more harmonious realm.extreme dildos
"Womanizer" real men
Lecherous men really do? Answer: Yes. Life you will often find that they lust of the "signs", such as they would when shopping within view beauty looked around; usually on some adult magazines, DVD is addictive; adult sites also make them linger. Life, a lot of women to men's pair of "face" that contempt, that is no culture, pornographic performance. In fact, "lust" is a man's true nature, but also because almost instinctive, so it can not conclude that the moral corruption, women should be more tolerant of this point, I believe that in order to meet a man but a visual sense of it, this does not mean They will lead to emotional caprice.strapon dildos
Mystery is timeless appeal
A woman that sexy body curve if looming, there was a mood of feminine with a shy man will be on a huge temptation. However, in marriage, some women tend to ignore this point, not only blithely with her husband naked in front of the body, there is no man that had made the heart of the shy, but no longer pay attention to underwear, even without makeup, slovenly, think that since they have no need to re-secretive intimacy. In fact, this so that men in this "confession" lost "exotic." Because men are always willing to retain a woman's curiosity, they like that of a woman of mystery, which is why a lot of husband loves his wife to wear gauzy pajamas instead of naked reason. So, a sexy woman always hid himself after the veil of mystery, and a want to reveal to men the impulse.

Although marriage is a mutual understanding and promote each other, but I find that we have no way to run. In fact, you got a little older does not matter, but do not affect me. I love to be relatively clean, and you are still not satisfied, but also forced me to tell you to do the same thing, that I'm really speechless ......
I really can not stand a husband.giant dildos
He is a doctor, just know when he felt especially good habits, sisters around say, Wow, you're happy, your husband even the bottom of the pot are rubbed, you do not have to worry about the future. I also think that men find a love of clean, good special, special worry, it turns out, I was wrong.
From everyday life began to say, woke up this morning, I went to take a shower, he packed bed linens first sweep, then use the stickers stick hair, the process takes about 10 minutes. I shower almost OK, he forced me to the floor drain hair clean, the water clean. Because I want to catch a little late for the 100 starting salary deduction, this often this quarrel. Cooking is a very tangled issue, all the dishes, we must go to the supermarket to buy organic, we all know that organic food is what price children. Buy a home, the salt water soak, and then when cooking on the stove can not get a little bit of oil. Cook knows that this is simply unrealistic. Ever since, I cook, he took the rag in the side pot spilled oil with the water, saying that I do not wipe clean. To me the kitchen after every meal from the roof to the ground thoroughly cleaned again, I will do this one weekend a! Do this often quarrel.strap on dildos
Home at night, tired to death, have to let me feet, enough for 30 minutes every bubble, that is to sterilize, I often soak the foot fell asleep, waiting to wake up to find that feet are soaked too white. Even if I wash the bath, or to have to go feet first. This often quarrel.realistic dildos
In addition to this, he did not even intercourse between husband and wife is very particular about. After doing this every time the bed should be re-paved and will spray some perfume or air fresheners and the like, already tired, can not wait to pack it together in the morning; let alone twice before and after taking a bath, there are times finished Later I was too tired to wash do not want to go, because this big night also had a fight last room he actually went to sleep because of the added gynecological diseases like me will have to; And if in love Love is in my body odor or what other things, he would ask me to wash or directly to ignore people.
Then just go to Europe to travel the way a friend brought me a lot of things back, like what kind of cosmetics, skin care products, are the domestic buy or difficult to buy, saying it was a good effect, and I am happy to use it, who knows first run was preparing to go to bed he is not right, said Wen to other flavors, but not let me go to wash, I faint, how can something with no taste, colorless and tasteless How can something, ah, Haoshuodaishuo dragged me into the bathroom to wash me, and psychological that hate ah ......
Of course, he also has his own good habits, premarital I see him very diligent hand washing, and are used laundry soap, hands and clothes so he always had a hint of soap fragrance. But now I realize, he even went to turn off the lights, touch over switch, is also going to hand wash, I say toss him, he said I was dirty, this often quarrel.extreme dildos
I have asked some friends, he in the end what is the problem. Many of my friends say this is obsessive-compulsive disorder, saying it was to develop this mentality and behavior is difficult to change, especially with a professional like him even harder to change the nature of the performance.large dildos
Although marriage is a mutual understanding and promote each other, but I find that we have no way to run. In fact, you got a little older does not matter, but do not affect me. I love to be relatively clean, and you are still not satisfied, but also forced me to tell you to do the same thing, that I'm really speechless ......
Anyway, because in addition to the other aspects are pretty good, so a lot of time can only be endured these obey his obsessive-compulsive disorder.

You are not really want to learn to know how to get pregnant, pregnancy problems encountered in the process how should deal with, here are eight hot questions, hoping to help you successfully upgrade expectant mothers.strapon dildos
Problem (1) the length of the menstrual cycle whether the impact on pregnancy? What time in the menstrual cycle intercourse, pregnancy is most likely?
The length of the menstrual cycle has no effect on pregnancy, unless your cycle is not regular, this will give predict ovulation caused some difficulties. Most women's menstrual cycles in a lifetime will change with age cycles become longer or shorter. As long as you can determine the day of ovulation each month, do not give the length of the menstrual cycle pregnancy cause any adverse effects.
The average menstrual cycle is 28 days. If the days of menstruation (the normal amount of bleeding) counted as the first day, you will normally be about two weeks before the next menstrual cramps ovulation. Your menstrual cycle is 28 days not just good, but if the cycle is no rules to follow, or fewer than normal menstrual year six times, there is a problem.cyberskin dildos
If your menstrual cycle is very regular, you can calculate the approximate day of ovulation you can have intercourse before ovulation planned. Calculate the next menstrual cramps may be one day, and then push down the 16 days, this is your approximate ovulation date.
This in the menstrual cycle, 30 days as an example:
Day 1 (menstrual cramps)
15-19 days (ovulation)
Day 30 (the day before the next menstrual cramps)
Problem (2) what kind of intercourse posture helps pregnant?
Today, there is little evidence that intercourse will conceive posture when using some help. Sperm with the help of gravity, there is no need to quickly move forward, and if the conditions are right, then the most robust sperm only two minutes to reach the uterus through the cervix. The key is to ensure the frequency of intercourse, and do not be troubled by the idea of ​​pregnancy, pregnancy while enjoying sex is the best state.ejaculating dildos
Problem (3) my husband and I should be done to improve the chances of pregnancy?
In order to maximize the chances of pregnancy, you should always intercourse, especially in the first half of the menstrual cycle period. Since sperm can survive in the cervix 3-5 days, it is recommended that couples the best intercourse once every three days, in order to ensure the supply of sperm in order to fertilize the egg when the time release. Approaching ovulation and a few days after intercourse is the best time, because the egg is usually only survive 12-24 hours.
Of course, your physical health of the baby's arrival is critical, therefore immediately stop drinking, smoking, maintaining a balanced diet, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Pregnant women should be prepared daily intake of 0.4 mg of folic acid because folic acid proven effective in reducing infant with Down syndrome and spina bifida risk.
Problem (4) have had abortions or have been taking birth control pills will not affect fertility?
Abortion cause fertility problems are generally due to tubal blockage caused by infection, scarring due. Tubal blockage can cause the discharge of the egg during ovulation can not enter the uterus. You need to let the doctor know the whole history, to determine whether there is need for further examination.
Contraceptive measures have been taken previously will not affect fertility. Under normal circumstances, after you stop using contraception fertility was restored, as the speed of recovery in the end how fast, depending on what measures you take may be. If you are using the IUD, as long as one it removed, you can immediately restore fertility. If you are taking birth control pills, for security reasons, it is best after stopping three months pregnant again. Specific situation, you can consult a physician.monster dildos
Problem (5) How to identify whether they are ovulating?
You can own to identify physiological changes. Some women during ovulation because ovarian ovum will feel pain or abdominal pain similar to menstruation. Before ovulation, vaginal secrete mucus like egg. Ovulation usually before the next menstrual cramps 12 to 16 days, but also keep in mind the monthly ovulation may not be the same.
If the menstrual cycle is not regular, and you want to determine the time of ovulation, you can try according to temperature curve to be judged. During ovulation, your body temperature will rise 0.3-0.5 ℃. However, this method is very easy to judge, so many maternity hospitals have to give up using it. Today, the pharmacy sell a variety of ovulation tester, through this instrument, you can accurately know when ovulation.massive dildos
Problem (6) My husband and I have tried a year, but I'm still not pregnant. Doctors give us what help?
The doctor will give you to do some basic checks, thus eliminating common infertility problems. If these checks found no problems, the doctor will give you a more complex examination. Fertility routine examination, including the man's sperm analysis, blood tests to the woman, in order to check the woman's hormone levels are normal, ovulation is normal. More complex tests, including ultrasound examination.

A "sense of Chinese women sex survey online survey" showed that female respondents Sichengyishang "sex feeling" low that almost 60% lives in fear of unwanted pregnancies sexes. And there is a majority of women have had an unplanned pregnancy experience.silicone dildos
A "sense of Chinese women sex survey online survey" showed that female respondents Sichengyishang "sex feeling" low that almost 60% lives in fear of unwanted pregnancies sexes. And there is a majority of women have had an unplanned pregnancy experience. Ma, vice chairman of the Chinese Society of years, said: "The fear of unwanted pregnancy so that women can not whole-heartedly, as gender obstacles in life."best dildos
Although contraception is now a lot, but there's always an accident. Not to mention Valentine's Day was declared to the supermarket tie condom, love to have always concentrated at some careless ......
Not ready when the mother, like intimacy and fear of pregnancy, depressed
jingjingx: My boyfriend and I love love it very carefully, because we know now is not suitable to meet the various conditions the arrival of a little life, so be very careful, but even so, when I still love love brain strings tight , can not be completely relaxed, I just want to get this over with quickly, do not enjoy the beauty of sex. Sometimes even when we suddenly had the interest, I will take a contraceptive turned down on the grounds of his caress.black dildos
Old worry condom will break crowd waiting for me, I was not there contraception anxiety disorder
Regardless of cool friends: I suspect that he is not there some kind of phobia or anxiety disorder tend to, for fear of pregnancy, when the House of Love requires each boyfriend, I mean under the rejected, sometimes really do not want to see her boyfriend happy on spare measures, once boyfriend in my strong request even brought two condoms, but still afraid, afraid to let go entirely to love love it, for fear of condom broke, this nervous feeling really upset , boyfriend many times expressed dissatisfaction.thick dildos
Perhaps I should have good communication with him about the whole thing. Because we need a normal intimate life, but I do not want to live in fear, but do not want to wait for me is flow operating room.
35% of people choose the rhythm, but in fact the failure rate as high as 50%!
Absolutely safe method of contraception is to make people love love the best guarantee of peace of mind, but the most common is definitely the best of it? It can not Yo ~
According to the survey, the number of people using condoms contraception 6 percent, rhythm and coitus interruptus even have reached 30%! Indeed, the rhythm and coitus interruptus contraceptive prevalence rate is extremely low, very easily lead to unwanted pregnancies!glass dildos
Therefore, contraception, be sure to choose a scientific measure, do not leave things to chance, especially in the case of an accident contraception, such as condom breakage, etc., be sure to use emergency contraception to remedy.

Sexual life, the couple can not break some of the "red light", otherwise it will affect the quality of marital relationships and sex.brutal dildos
Woman over Jiaochuang
In the process of sex, There is nothing to hear the sound of lovers of the more exciting. But anything is a limit, if sounds too frequent or too obvious disguise, can only be counterproductive. Once you see through the other side, it will hurt.
Threatened with sexual
Some wife after a dispute with her husband, often use sex to punish or threaten her husband. Unlike other interpersonal relationship between husband and wife where lies primarily sexual. If you use sex to blackmail and control her husband would harm the male self-esteem. Not only to her husband feel very hurt, and even affect their sexuality and confidence.huge dildos
Men go straight
As the saying goes, "Eat Hot Tofu," sex is the same. Some of the men in the sexual life too anxious, like direct caressing the sensitive parts of women, and "drive straight." This will make women disgusted, that men not care about their suspected man's feelings is false.giant dildos
Sex is one mind
Obviously lingering in each other, but peep show on the TV; clearly in affectionate kiss, but obsessed with work tomorrow. One mind will feel your partner obviously distracted, do not put him (her) in my heart.
Compare with others
In the sex issue, men do not want to show weakness. But tenderness and his wife, do not think people will how to do, but in order to partner likes what way.strap on dildos
Ignore their body feelings
During sex, listen to meditation, to understand their needs, to go along with the feeling of the body. If you ignore their sexual feelings, sexual feelings will become so slow, or even degradation.
Superstition expert
Each person's experience is not the same sex, if copying all comments sexologists, sex life becomes a textbook. Regardless of who is the best teacher sex partner. To improve the quality of sex, often requires a combination of personal experience, spiritual experience, the accumulation of body perception.
Sex is too stiff
Sexual experience and knowledge as evolving with age. Sex is not only and offspring, for sexual gratification, the couple should take off the mask of seriousness in casual sex some of this is to enjoy the beauty of life.realistic dildos
The books sexology confused with erotic products
Products from erotic sex techniques or theories of learning, that is wrong. These techniques can only be used as sex swap.
Sex and is closely related to all aspects of life, including health, family, career and so on. It is not a mystery, and special, just a part of everyday life. To improve the quality of life, respect life from the start, such as smoking, alcohol limit, to develop good habits, positive movement, rather than individually separated sex life, to transform.

After a few years of married life living together, but into a "fatigue" the plight of hard back past joy. Here's why a lot of lovers are familiar with the body, intense pace of life, the heavy burden of work pressure and family will make the kind of exuberant adolescent sexual desire weakened. How to avoid the couple's "fatigue" and find the old passion between husband and wife do? Addition to the two good ideas, but also do the following:strapon dildos
1 number of sex without the required standards. For some couples, the sex once a month is better, the two sides have met, and some people may love one week to do four or five times just feel satisfied. This is the individual differences, can not force all.cyberskin dildos
2 inductive contacts are not necessarily sex. Men generally believe that gender must be in contact with sexual intercourse, which is wrong. Contains many aspects of sexual life, not necessarily every time we fucked. Women most clearly this fact: as long as there is enough of a sense of caring. That is, when she took the initiative hug you, not necessarily require you to "the real thing", perhaps she just looking for a warm feeling it.ejaculating dildos
3 in a planned way. Sex should also be planned, the only way to have a tacit understanding between lovers meet. In fact, the two fixed "sex life plan" is a very emotional experience. For example, there was a man to blame, said: "She usually likes to have sex until very late, and I just could not get in the spirit of that time has come." Results "sex" wrong time, would not be happy with each other and sleep.monster dildos

Devotion Mistakes
This is the first performance of their physical structure, function, and lack of adequate response awareness and understanding. In recent years, family planning and women's health with the popularity of the work, the wife of contraception for women in pregnancy and disease than in the past to increase the knowledge of a lot, but due to traditional customs restrictions, there are still more than half of the wife does not know the woman's sexual parts most sensitive What is that 40% of the wife does not know or can not tell what the performance of the female orgasm.massive dildos
At this time it is difficult to obtain due to sexual knowledge? No, although from time to time a married middle-aged woman murmured sex thing, but the vast majority of comments husband how few people talked about active learning knowledge, scientific knowledge can be used to screened privately circulated information (most of them are fallacious) women is even more rare. Why do but do not feel the need to learn? Main reason is that a lot of wives that since I have fulfilled the obligations of devotion, he was due to take up the responsibility to promote harmony, in case there is a problem and not mine. Some wives simply say: "This thing, thanks to encounter a good husband." There will be the rise of "the fundamental problem is the transformation of a man."silicone dildos

Such pure devotion concept of sex, at least several potential adverse outcomes: an encounter rude and even sexual abuse when the husband, wife, neither for a boycott of the inner power, and the lack of change to promote their knowledge and methods.best dildos

2, appeared normal sexual disharmony, his wife too much too easy to blame the husband, but easily exacerbate conflicts. 3, even if the sex life smooth, simple devotion to his wife is also difficult to appreciate the fun and value, but will produce apathy and alienation. This naturally exacerbated feelings of poor, eventually forming a vicious cycle. 4, even more harmonious, the wife may lack continuous improvement to improve the internal power, over time the two sides could easily lead to mental fatigue.black dildos
Image Mistakes
That women are to be dignified traditional morality, a swing word would ruin a woman's life. In fact, this would mean women should be in compliance with social norms sexual relations, but under the influence of feudal doctrine detention, many people take it wrongly enlarged to marital sex life in the past, it seems that in the specific behavior, expressions and reactions in wife should not swing or crazy, or is obscene.

Many wives of their requirements arise spontaneously or shame shame, always feel the initiative requirement is "cheap" or "show", or even feel like a prostitute so. It also seems the wedding is not a problem initially, but with the sex life into the normal, if the wife too much attention to the image, are often unable to scientifically correction of both errors may occur, the results are in the heart of complaining to each other, the problem but getting stronger large.thick dildos

Overly concerned about their image, easy and self-denial, and easy wronged each other. In addition, there is a most direct, the most common adverse consequences, and that is distracted their attention, make yourself at bystanders or review officer position, deliberately, reluctantly, to do certain since that is should such a thing. Result, not only that they can not feel the sexual life with her husband's love, but also objectively to each other causing rejection and disappointment.

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