Nocturnal emission frequency varies, ranging from a few days to ten days, the same people who often do not have a fixed period, but by the physical condition, diet, emotions, work environment and other effects, has a certain randomness. massive dildos

Emission causes a lot of semen excreted through the erection of the penis, inevitably "contaminated" underwear, often be overwhelming, especially in collective accommodation even more embarrassing. To address this situation, it is best to put some toilet paper in bed so promptly after emission wipe. silicone dildos

Without timely treatment, will soon be left out of the semen soaked bedding. Also ready to be placed inside a pair of underwear for timely replacement.
Down the underwear should be immediately cleaned and the inner layer facing out on the sun exposure, in order to achieve the effect of sterilization. There will certainly be a small amount of semen after semen left in the urethra, so it is best to the restroom, so that timely discharge. best dildos

Conditional wash with tap water is best to keep the perineum clean.
In addition to pay attention to "fine period" beyond health, if the master of his own "spirit of" the law, but also regularly masturbate to exclude uncontrolled "pollution" inconvenience, but avoid abuse of this method, in order to avoid excessive impact on health.black dildos

Studies have confirmed that the blood vessels supplying beard growth than the hair roots to be rich, easier to get nutrients , plus androgen stimulation , thus beard hair grow faster than the average daily growth of about 0.40 mm ( 0.27 to hair growth per day 0.40 mm ) , and the male reproductive effect is stronger, beard grow faster. Of course, also affected by the growth of beard hair follicle receptors : follicle receptors more beard grow more " robust ." Because of the presence of hair follicle receptors , androgen secretion is so lush with a man , beard shape is quite different receptors are more and more dense , less receptors are more scarce. black dildos
Since the role of genetic factors everyone's beard is different, some like Li Kui sounded the same network gills , some like Yanqing , like bits and pieces , some like Guan Yu , like a wisp of beard , some like Sun Quan as first-line hanging days. However, no matter how eccentric your beard , when it is no longer as usual " thrive " and suddenly become sparse or even fall off , your sexual function will be the same number as the beard downward trend emerges . best dildos

Beard growth has its natural laws , beard growth usually beginning in adolescence , when the hair is very soft . After puberty, men generally beard grow faster than a human hair , which is the outcome of male hormones . By adulthood , beard and hair color generally similar texture also will harden , at this time , sexual function tends to be stable.silicone dildos

Adulthood , beard soaring probably there are two cases . Scenario is when the excessive secretion of androgens , such as adrenal tumors , the beard in excessive androgen stimulation showed soaring ; Another scenario is taking too much androgen and products, resulting in an excess of androgens , beard will also present soaring. In fact, the Chinese traditional medicine on the relationship between sexual function beard and long had knowledge . Two thousand years ago, the medical books ( coffin . Yin and yang fifteen ) in respect of states: blood Sheng is a long beard and hair , less blood gas and more shall be short , ranging from blood are not .massive dildos

Modern medicine is used to help diagnose diseases beard : If the man's beard becomes scarce or all off, is likely to be sexual dysfunction performance. Medically there is such a class of diseases , by affecting the body's hormones affect sexual function. For example : pituitary tumor - normal pituitary tissue is violated , the pituitary hormone deficiency , which leads to inadequate secretion of androgens . Thus , a man's beard will naturally become scarce , there is not enough androgen support sexual function also appear low, loss phenomenon . monster dildos

If someone suggests you often shave, shave every day, but the best , you do not think this is nonsense , and often even daily shave shave implies sexual function enhancement and perfection .

Lubricants, condoms, a cup of warm water prepared with them no harm, once in the life of a sudden realized the need but can not find, that is the worst thing. Cup of warm water can make you after sex, replenish moisture, in order to better carry out "after the show." monster dildos
We must first sharpen his tools. Sex life as well. A satisfying sex life is bound to make adequate preparations. Sex life can be divided into two kinds of preparatory work, the environment preparation and mental preparation. cyberskin dildos

Preparing the environment
Before going to bed, you should ensure that there are three kinds of things before your reach places, including lubricants, condoms, a cup of warm water. Perhaps you think that their physical condition is very good, does not require a lubricant, but further thought, prepare for it no harm, once in the life of a sudden realized the need but can not find, that is the worst thing. Cup of warm water can make you after sex, replenish moisture, in order to better carry out "after the show." buy dildos

Psychological preparation
First, you want to make sure their wish to have sex, and sex is full of expectations. If in the life of produce hesitate preconceived felt "desire is not strong," it will remain difficult to get pleasure, but also hurt the feelings mate. Secondly, do some deep breathing before sex, is conducive to the hearts of all your worries aside, relax and concentrate to your partner. big dildos
Finally, the best and the companion "whisper some"
For example you want to talk about what kind of position, or admits a little tired today, hoping Couples spend more effort.


After sitting
This is the man sat, his hands placed behind female male sitting on it back on the kinds of gestures.  thick dildos

At this time women's yin crossing backwards, yin stem easy to insert, and that women's sport is also more comfortable, suitable for men tired, adopt this posture drawback is not seen each other's face with each other and therefore can not talk. black dildos

Before sitting
Can be used when men tired Another is the former posture. Men and women face to face, man to sit down stretched out his legs, thighs spread across women sitting on the male on top of each other, hugging each other posture.
Which is both comprehensive exposure of the skin to do, so very strong stimulus, the two can chat face to face, sexual activity done by a woman, a man just to maintain the same posture on it. In this case, men put his hands placed behind the movement entirely by women, while yin yin Road stem inserted after the women also put your hands on man after stimulation of the other approach is to use the law to improve the buttocks. monster dildos

Male hands behind his back, despite the women at the mercy of circumstances, not always is there is a feeling, when women are men put his hand behind his legs outstretched as the action or bend backwards to make genital combined so easy to get a larger stimulus enhance pleasure. ejaculating dildos

And in such a position, because the yin stem centerline yin Road intersects with women slightly backward, like the flagpole down in general, to give men an oppressive sexual stimulation, leaving fatigue disappear, get intense pleasure .
Lateral posture
Another favorite male posture side, without the weight imposed on each other, the male may be made before or after insertion.
Because the other side does not have to bear weight, therefore suitable for use in a tired, this is a just a touch will be able to enjoy the fun of proper posture, can long maintain its position in order to enjoy the fun, both men and women, can be used in this method when tired . But its drawback is inserted shallower depth, but can not receive adequate stimulation.
Suggested that in male tired or let him rest comfortably under the added strength, keep a good spirit, that time "war" is definitely more violent fire!
Female Attitude on
Men tired, in order not to increase the fatigue, the most common is the posture of women. This way, men just sit on the can, the initiative in the hands of the woman's sexual hands, can completely consume energy while men complete sexual activity.
Women in the posture there are various changes in supine for the first male, there is the separate and distinct legs together. Women have elbows supported on the male side, or two sides of the male wrist upright and knees sitting upright man who so completely. cyberskin dildos
Should be regarded as one of the most intense in men across the waist position, so that the waist up and down movement of the upright posture. This position allows deep yin yin stems Road, due to decline in the uterus, thus leaving the glans to directly stimulate uterine men and women to get pleasure.
Because from the beginning and the end of all men in the same position without activity, so is a man tired at the time, to make a mutually satisfactory position.

Many women can appreciate a multiple orgasms during sex feelings, before reaching the final orgasm, they can even be excited libido has maintained its peak condition. Men are different. American Masters Masters and Johnson sexuality couple say that men did not like women, living in a one-time gain multiple orgasms. thick dildos

However, recent reports indicate that multiple orgasms in men is possible. In fact, the reality of life, there are many men claim they can do this. Some men said that they can reach during sexual intercourse is not accompanied by a series of orgasm ejaculation, its external manifestations are penis rhythmic contraction and sometimes can have 6-8 times, allowing them greatly satisfied. When multiple orgasms accumulated together, man can understand the deeper orgasm. black dildos

Male multiple orgasms This finding suggests that the fact that men do not exist actual refractory period, they also like a woman, it is easy to reach a new sexual arousal. However, this kind of capability necessary condition is that men have a strong PC muscle (pubococcygeus), and have completed the first orgasm without non-stop non-sense, but men also have strong physique . huge dildos

Most men in the process of growing acceptance of the idea is: Only ejaculation is the man real orgasm. It is these one-sided ideas, leading them to abandon discover and train their own ability to orgasm without ejaculation. Survey shows that 38% of men until after the age of 35 the ability to have multiple orgasms, and many are experienced multiple orgasms happen only been insisting to do so.  brutal dildos

However, all the men surveyed have said that if sex partners are not familiar with them it is difficult to achieve multiple orgasms. Only emotional close, and there are no fussy atmosphere, the other has a good response capabilities, like long-time entertainment-style sex, they can enjoy the happy times.
glass dildos

After drinking, especially after drinking both men and women, sex seems to have become an unavoidable thing. But during sex, sex is easy to drink this drink beverages, we also need to keep in mind the following contraindications: silicone dildos

Avoid too fierce action
Some men usually repressed emotions, the drink will be released during sex might say something rude; sexual action may not be as usual coordination, range of motion is too large, or the intensity is too large. This is likely to occur "accident" resulting in torn frenulum, yin stem breakage and other trauma, it may make women feel pain. When men behave rude, women do not silence patience, to subtly remind and reassure. monster dildos

Avoid too impatient
Drunk sex men might behave more impatient, or even skip foreplay go straight. Hurry to make women produce discomfort, but also cause premature ejaculation, it may cause harm to the body. So be sure to slow down drinking and sex. May wish to hug, kiss, chat, drink some water, and then slowly into the state. massive dildos
Avoid sex Tanliang
Alcohol will make people excited, even after repeated cloud sweating. This time is the expansion of the pores, if not pay attention to covet cool warm, very easy cold sick. So drink and sex between men and women in the winter, even if feeling very hot, but also to keep warm. thick dildos

Do not neglect contraception
In recent years, Western countries appear "Saturday baby" attracted more and more attention, referring to the couple after drinking the same room at the weekend entertainment and gave birth to a child. These children teratogenic, disability is high, the consequences of drinking and not contraception. Therefore, we must do holiday contraceptive measures, side put condoms or birth control pills, to prepare for contingencies. best dildos

Sex is a good thing, its elderly men and women physical and mental health benefits are especially happy sex high, with eight magic. What are these effects? In fact, sex is very broad effect, but this effect is quite prominent eight. best dildos

Sex miraculous one: help eliminate insomnia all eager to have a deep, sweet sleep, but a variety of causes insomnia, often troubled you. Especially women, are more likely to insomnia. When experiencing a harmonious sexual life after an intense excitement of the body begin to relax, the muscles are able to meet in the stretch after fatigue, drowsiness naturally hit, helping to eliminate insomnia. And sex more happy, more likely to fall asleep afterwards. dildos for sale

Sex miraculous two: the promotion of women's reproductive health estrogen can make women maintain good blood circulation system structure and function, regular sexual life of women, estrogen levels than occasional sexual intercourse is much higher. Thereby enhancing the physiological function of the ovaries, normal menstruation, but also delayed menopause, and every time sex will cause genital secretions increase, to prevent vaginal mucosa dryness. thick dildos

Sex miraculous three: slow aging women in the thirties, bones begin to loose, sex can regulate cholesterol and maintain bone density and reduce osteoporosis. So that the whole people look light gait, the body's flexibility is also strong.
Sex miraculous IV: semen help women vaginal disinfection experiments show there is an antibacterial substance semen - semen cytoplasm, it can kill staphylococcus, streptococcus, pneumococcus bacteria. So it can help against microbial invasion of female genitalia. Long-term no sexual life of women, more prone to vaginitis, endometritis, salpingitis and other illnesses.

Sex miraculous five: to help protect the young minds according to the Japanese medical research showed that: "use and disuse" of atrophy, but also for the lack of sex life. Appropriate sex helps prevent brain aging and metabolism, memory is also strong. reborn dolls

Sex miraculous Six: effective in reducing the incidence of heart disease and myocardial infarction sex life can make the pelvis, limbs, joints, muscles, spine more activities to promote blood circulation, strengthen the heart and lung capacity. Harmonious sex who have risk of heart disease than people who sexual disharmony at least 10% reduction in risk.
Sex miraculous seven: to reduce or relieve pain syndrome sex even with aspirin have the same effect, sounds a bit marvelous. However, a large medical institutions feedback, can stimulate sexual confirmed the central nervous system secrete a chemical substance called amine polyphenols, quite effective to decrease pain.    giant dildos

Sex miraculous eight: Let the men are more moderately strong, healthy sex life, can make the male testosterone secretion increased, so that more muscular men, weight gain, improved bone marrow function, but also to reduce body fat accumulation.

Do not listen to the hearts of women themselves say that they did not object of sexual fantasies, these are basically lies. In fact, women object of sexual fantasies you can get some idea, after having read the following: thick dildos
First: the ambiguous or too ambiguous man
Ambiguous relationship between the two, has a certain emotion or action based on indistinct small eyes children, ambiguous bilateral relations unaccounted sexually suggestive, sexual fantasies are provided details withstand repeated scrutiny , so that the whole story is more perfect and stimulating. black dildos
Ambiguous relationship seems to be the shaman's crystal ball, you are able to see all the possible, which makes sexual fantasies seem more realistic colors, so that all episodes are all too obvious trend - although now everything is still fictional fantasy range, but Paul missing someday be able to rewrite the genuine personal memoir, this pleasure, gave women the motivation and courage to strive fantasy.
Second: star, idol, virtual characters
Do not think that only the people around will become a woman's sexual fantasies, star, or even a fictional character does not really exist also make women salivate. best dildos
Because they really attractive, who does not like Need? Such people not only not in real life, there are not likely to even than beauty, the guy seems pitiful, we can only rely on the stars to fill the seats. His idol, she looks sexy actor, film and television work as well as those roles are so sexy women deer rattling, it is difficult to resist.
Women may not love star himself, but a role, that they may not fantasy and fantasy Daoming Si Jerry, not fantasy fantasy Ou Chen and Peter Ho, of course, imagination may also be a good point fantasy chuanfeng or holy warriors, since it is a fantasy, it is better to simply point, eclectic talent. massive dildos

Women love masculine macho or gentle Shuainan, so a woman sexual fantasy virtual characters - whether it is "Endless Love" where the men Junxi, movie King Kong among the male animals, or simply change Hornet car, are inseparable from these two main lines.
Third: ex-boyfriend or public carrier female fantasy
What could have been subsequently lose something even more glamorous it? Familiar, sometimes a charm, so full of fantasy real taste. Sexual fantasy content can be reproduced scene before intercourse, which can make a woman's right to judge their own ingredients and indulge joy degree;
Can also be arranged from the future, fantasy every now and then in the afternoon in a drizzle encounter with ex-boyfriend, in one or a romantic admiration or involuntarily, or the last resort of the state, with that familiar smell. man fit again, they are more willing to add some emotional elements.    ejaculating dildos

In fact, for example, so many years had been his former boyfriend forget yourself, ha ha, ah, in addition to the thrill of betrayal, they still kind of the joy of victory - victory over all subsequent ex-boyfriend of a woman

Sex couples want is fun and pleasure, but time is too long marriage, sex can become "routine tasks" naturally reduce a lot of fun. Therefore, the goal of the couple having sex may be adjusted to increase the sex drive in order to increase the sex appeal based. Details of sex is the key point in this regard, to do detail work to increase the fun. cheap dildosDetails are: actively cooperate with sex
Sex when a man always seemed eager, then you might as well let him temporarily from the blind passions cool down. Experts suggest that you: tell him your rhythm, he can work well with you, and you will have a more harmonious sex.
Details of the two: good layout sex environment
Before you start having sex, you need to put all the things around the bed, like a condom, lip oil, towels, a big bottle of lemon honey water to quench their thirst. Thus, in addition to considering how to enjoy sex, you need not worry about, but do not have to find some trivial things and forced in Hing head press the "pause" button. glass dildos
Details of the three: to explore new sexual techniques
Explore some have not tried both ways to make your lovemaking more intimate feelings. In this exploration, you have trust in each other's growth, and you can grow together in sex skills. huge dildos
Details of the four: love to be considerate
When you have sex with his hands tightly interlocking, or fiddle with his eye, in short, caressing his usual place are ignored. As sexologist says: intimacy does not mean just stroked his genitals, you can create many unique intimate way, for instance, some couples will use the eyelashes rub each other's cheeks, cute and sweet.big dildos

1 old and do not need to sex it.After giving birth, a lot of people taking care of children and other reasons ignored sex, but female sex expert Carmela · Sebastian said that sex stimulate blood circulation, promote metabolism, give people a sense of satisfaction and joy, but also the importance of health component is indispensable. realistic dildos(2) after fat women do not arouse male desire.
Men see women's bodies, the usual response is not "belly fat" or "cellulite", but "naked." Therefore, women should not be overly self-esteem, because your sense of humor, rich sexual experience will remedy defects in the body.
3 Once menopause, the body will lose sexual function.
Premenopausal some changes, such as irregular menstruation, mood swings, vaginal lubrication does not affect sexual life, but Sebastian believes that to avoid sex will only make the situation worse. Try lubricants, vibrators, a new sexual position or masturbation, etc., can help you through this period. large dildos
4 tired to sex.
Indeed reduced libido long exhausted, but sex education expert Maureen McGrath said, to find the cause of fatigue, check or test thyroid anemia. Also, do not think of sex after a hard day, time can be adjusted to the energetic morning. strapon dildos
5 need contraception.
Sebastian said that women stop ovulation time is difficult to determine, although blood levels of follicle-stimulating hormone can be used as basis for judgment, but due to the hormones often fluctuate, a two tests did not explain the problem. If you are starting a new relationship, then the more you want to use a condom. After all, the sexual partner in the past experience is that you do not understand.
6 libido decreased with age.
Perhaps the opposite is true. McGrath said the young woman because changes in hormone levels during pregnancy and breast-feeding needs, decreased libido easier. If the 40-year-old completely lost interest after sex, it is necessary to check the body for problems. Moreover, sexuality and marital communication skills and previous sexual frequency. First, determine the current sex life meets the requirements, and then determine whether lack of libido.
7 increases with age, some sexual stimulation is no longer useful.
Not so much the age of reason, as it is you get used to these old-fashioned tricks, lost interest. Might find some love video, buy the guide book to try out new ideas. Different stimuli on different dates and at different stages will give you different feelings. monster dildos
8 Previously no climax, and now it is too late.
Sebastian said she finished second child was born to experience orgasm. She believes that stress, physical condition can affect orgasm, to actively mobilize own factors. "Sex is not born with the knowledge to understand, you need to relearn." McGrath said.

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