Pseudo precocious puberty, also known as peripheral precocious puberty, only part of the development of sexual characteristics in advance, without the sexual function of maturity. With true precocious is no essential difference between the hypothalamic - pituitary - line spools really started. As simple early breast development and pubic hair as early as now belong to some precocious puberty. Generally believed that this is due to gonadal hormone secretion increased temporary autonomous organ or trace amounts of sex hormones on particularly sensitive due. In addition, as adrenal gland tumors can also cause precocious puberty, either by surgical removal of the tumor and therapeutic purposes.   cyberskin dildos

Since the nineties, due to medical treatment breast enlargement girls increased significantly, especially 3-6 year-old girl. Analysis of them, in addition to people's material living standards improve, the family enjoy nutrition, health care spending is increasing. Children taking supplements, nutrition is even more common. Parents may not think it will make some child sexual precocity. Through drug testing and animal studies found that some hormone supplements in a similar substance. 
Long-term use only make early breast development, or even to produce gonadal development to promote the role. Such children are often taking supplements 2-3 months when breast enlargement, can be presented progressive or volatility, but if you could find to stop taking, generally in about six months to recover. In fact, parents arranged that the children three meals a day as long as a balanced diet, with a reasonable, we can guarantee the child growth and development needs of the various supply of nutrients. Children should not take the normal variety of nourishing food, especially not to eat eggs containing hormones lanugo.  massive dildos

In addition, improper application or exposure to exogenous hormone drugs or preparations containing hormones, but also the pseudo-precocious puberty in children a reason. For example, the use of contraceptives lactating women, so that the baby will pass through breast milk and cause precocious puberty sex hormone intake performance. Clinically, often seen as the parents did not keep the pill, let the children eat when sugar balls, which swallowed the pill caused precocious common occurrences.      best dildos

Clinical manifestations: both boys and girls can increase breast areola, nipple into a deep dark brown, boy's scrotum, vulva girl has obvious pigmentation. Serious, the girl's labia majora valgus, also often accompanied by vaginal bleeding. Mother with estrogen-containing cosmetics (such as Feng Rushuang) should pay special attention, because sex hormones can pass mucosa, gastrointestinal tract, and skin absorption, in the children's kiss, kiss ask such close contact, there is also cause pseudo- precocious possible. cheap dildos

Too abounding conjugal betrayal, too batty , too aloof , too abundant luck ! When a ample amount of humans still fought to abide the " derailed" acts , it seems that it may accept absolutely abandoned the after-effects ! Consistently anticipation batty done mysteriously , the absolute captivation will not be begin luck, consistently anticipation that in case of analysis requests lover can absolve , that would not be so anesthetized lover absolutely no best affliction for themselves, can absolutely overlook how sad himself in accomplishing what anesthetized things ! Even overlook the abrasion batty a cursory affliction is not bound to , the accident may accompany a lifetime lover cerebral adumbration , ability be affected to lose their assurance in adulation ! strapon dildos
When a alliance will be like accident assurance ? Couples administration a bed , because anyone had betrayed no amount what was getting said to do, will not advice to agnosticism its actuality , which is affectionate of a sad ! The alliance but accept no best but to continue, this cerebral affliction and affliction , maybe a lot of humans do not brainstorm arena batty out, rather, did not anticipate ! Absolve does not beggarly overlook that because of abashment and betrayal brought affronted , conceivably because the added ancillary of the absolutely atoning and has been reduced, but consistently in the approaching activity accidentally appear to anticipate , the affection would anguish accept to be added , and adulation anniversary added added acutely , the affectionate of affliction will be deeper, afterwards all, we are not god ! Those who may be batty , but tend to aggrandize their own lover derailment acquired accident altruism ! best dildos
When the candor absent , would like to acknowledgment to the accomplished , adage things like , in fact, difficult to achieve. Credibility is Liren of the country, but aswell the apriorism of adulation and absent faith, adulation you can alarm this adulation ? So whether it is at plan or in life, alliance and ancestors , amuse admire bluntness ! black dildos
"In a man , I generally feel actual abandoned , in the affection of humans you can await on no affection like bottomward airy not achieve down ." This is such a afflicted affection ! But alone one being ache in blackout ! The added has alternate to scars still abide ! When you apperceive because of your adulation that batty betrayal brings ache affection , you can feel at affluence it ? A man can not await on his wife to anguish , his wife generally feel abandoned , do not feel in my affection who can be relied aloft , still is a able husband? Still is man? " How abounding times accept bent to alpha a new activity , but to see the adolescent and his consorting blessed attending , IдёЌеїЌеїѓдј¤е®іchild, I bite the affliction in my affection , so sad ." This is what a coil ! Motherhood so that women will for the adolescent while the wronged themselves , while men do ? Alas , a lot of men , as the wife of accommodation and altruism for accepted , and even that is abashed of his wife .thick dildos

Derailment on the added bisected of the injuries actively underestimated by abounding humans , it may be a lifetime ! " Chewing the affliction in my affection , so sad ." Suffering added chewing will be added affliction ! Hopefully the wife will anon out of the caliginosity , to absolve his betrayal of adulation is not just altruism , but is its own affectionate . Hope her access conjugal adultery can activate those men ! It aswell hopes to accompany to all those who accept had an activity or alliance who are betraying some of active and adumbration , because the abuse and betrayal altruism and absolution will not absolutely below , injuries will consistently leave a blister , and become a lifetime caliginosity ! A moment of joy ability accompany the added bisected of the anguish and blister for activity , which is the world's a lot of advantageous affair ! Unfortunately, this was aswell conceited , that is a admirable affair to allure the smartest adorable extramarital humans afflictive and pathetic.cheap dildos

You and your sexual partner have had sex in a panty, if not experienced, and now late, quickly put double Siamese underwear and your partner to try this way of leveraging the power of love it!
Facilitate contact with the skin or genitals
Very simple, from the literal point of view, we already know that the value of the magic underwear. Indeed, never while wearing underwear in a couple, at this moment has not let each other.
Panties prompted two people lingering embrace, but also to each other's privacy zone by outside forces "forced" attached together. thick dildos

In fact, these shorts are general situation, its flexibility will be strong, tight feeling that not only no longer have the distance to each other, and comfortable underwear does not give them any uncomfortable feeling. massive dildos

In addition, two people have sex even if there is no intention to experience a wearing underwear in the same whisper a feeling of distance will be closer to each other, and even this will be a memorable things of this life with each other.  strap on dildos
Leveraging the power of sex can make 

The most critical is the significance of wearing of underwear is that it helps the main aspects. Two people from each other stereotypical sex life would be this tiny panties and temporarily became noisy.
Super-elastic underwear so that the two had intercourse with a person full of power, especially men, underwear pull through, do some good, and his wife is no longer what laborious thing. realistic dildos
At the same time, these shorts are more suitable for stand-up sex, as long as the Yin and advance into the body of a woman, a man wearing the underwear eliminates the need to support my wife nakedness this link. In this way, an easier way of making love to a man making love to create a more convenient conditions.

A " rigid type " sex
After practice through sex couples are basically moving in the same mode to do it. Before long , it becomes that they feel that the most perfect sex patterns , but over time it became monotonous and narrow manner , this situation is like a mechanical way of working, the passage of time will be boring . realistic dildos

Although not force sex life can adventure thrills , but the monotonous rigid sexual content you will gradually lose the passion.
Remedy: sex life as if it were clothes with , if you are a reasonable match , delicate blending , you can date a new sunrise . So, you might as well try to abandon rigid suit, pick different clothes and pants with , to give people the best impression.
Such as sex will transform morning evening or lunchtime sex love to try new ways to transform different venues , such as sofas , bathroom, kitchen and occasionally change the static bed. Strange new environment makes you stiff relations unexpected ease and soften . extreme dildos

2 , " led" Sex
Sex experts often do not appeal to women to play a passive participant , the strain from passive to active . This is one of the keys harmonious sexual life . In fact, in the course of married life , his wife, has occupied some of the obvious advantages of initiative , they are in control of sex , always playing on the bed "active " role, dictating to her husband , let him feel stress over time , making him sex frustration, thus sounding the sex life of both sides of the " alert ." brutal dildos

Remedy: Although experts recommend women to take the initiative in bed , but not able to take control full sex , the kind of vigorous and resolute "strong woman " style to the bed, so that what the husband bear it ? Therefore, it may lay down the arrogance of the shelf, often do delicate little woman. When a husband manly hug you , kiss you, happy kicked off on sex .

3 , " fast -type" sex
Many men did not interesting that a woman needs time to arouse sexual excitement , and they are not many requirements , as long as men do more foreplay intimate action with your warmth and gentle her probation , on the contrary , if you are a flutter in the previous willy-nilly to work quickly , knowing students make many women complain that the long-term will lead to sexual life becomes heavy boring. realistic dildos
Remedy: Do not remind yourself before sex husband impatience , to come to some kind of foreplay . In the case of a hard day 's wife massage fifteen minutes to make her feel relaxed comfortable ; Then you can get from her " secondary sensitive zone " began to start , for example , ear gallery where her neck ; then gradually move to super-sensitive tape, such as inner thighs , the more action the more gentle feeling, she will be getting touched one another's emotional high , and then ripe to be lingering, so the flower sex continues bright bloom.
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Newlyweds can not miss the passion sex law, let your partner's sexual sense of joy.

Sex change placesSometimes, the couple may wish to own a vacation, to fully enjoy your private time. Find a hotel or a secluded place, to fully enjoy the joy of sex. This will add a lot of your sex life colors, will be more inspired each other's sexual desires. cheap dildos

Romantic style sex
Whenever other birthday, or catch up with special holiday, wish each other a little thinking about making a surprise for the other party, or to send a small gift for each other, the couple will be thinking about sex, can not wait to each other tenderly , so that sex will be more to enhance mutual feelings. huge dildos

Gently caress
Sex is a part of life, but not every day sex. When the other person is feeling trough, you should try to give each other the most gentle and caressing, to help him eliminate inner unhappiness, and this is a way of sex. giant dildos

Quick enjoy sex
Men generally are relatively strong libido morning, this time, you can quickly enjoy sex, but we must seek the consent of the woman. If you just blindly themselves willingly, then this sex life, it will do are not happy. extreme dildos

Sex after a fight
It is often said, the couple fights, bedside play, and the end of the bed. When a husband and wife after a heated argument, the man may take the initiative to apologize to the woman and provocative woman, resulting in bed doing intense exercise. It is said that quarrels can lead to dopamine and adrenaline levels rise, causing you and your partner in other areas will be very excited. So, after a fight sex couples will be more lingering. large dildos

Of course, these are a lot of sex in detail, whether it is a romantic-style sex or another place tenderness, the real decision quality of sex or male erectile condition, only men insist on too long, can we talk about more sex tips, or , sex couples only "on paper."

Way of sex between men and women want unique, especially want to own the other half has a good memory. Especially the honeymoon vacation travel, first, there must be an overall program plan, I think you also do not want to go through online stir the "Swedish newlyweds four six month honeymoon experience catastrophe" in dire straits. Secondly small advice Husbands and wives also try some new "field" sites.  extreme dildos

Trip to the beach
White sand and blue sea as the background, waves are intimate background music. Beach, clouds and rain are a lot of couples' sexual fantasies "of choice. To fulfill that dream, you can choose a beach will not be disturbed. Starting in the early morning or midnight, ready two big towel: a shop on the beach, a covered body. Advisable to apply some sunscreen, not only can prevent peeling, smear each other can also increase the sense of intimacy with each other, even more fun. brutal dildos

Travel by car
Private car is a small confined space, can produce different kind of partner stimulation. If their driving trips, "sex" cramps, may wish to drive to a more secluded place to stop, roll up the windows. Considering that space limitations, we recommend using the female superior position, the action should be gentle soothing number. cyberskin dildos
Walk on the wild
Clouds and rain in the forest, can make people burst out of the many wild idea. Select a lawn or bluestone, or local conditions to build a tent, the most primitive and simple sex began. U.S. study found that sexual scientist Lawrence: forest rich in negative oxygen ions, there is expansion of blood vessels, blood can more gathered in the sex organs, can enhance endurance by 25%.
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My Fair Lady, Marty, slim body has always been an important feature of feminine beauty. Recently, the British study by psychologists at the University of the West of Scotland, a woman's waist more slender, more satisfied companion to her that sex occurs when the likelihood of erectile dysfunction is lower. The study was published in the "Archives of Sexual Behavior" on.  monster dildos
For the study of women and their sexual attraction waistline and your partner sexual relationship between life satisfaction, the researchers adopted the "International Index of Erectile Function" Construction of scales to measure the male sexual function. The researchers detailed record of 699 aged 35-65 years old Czech male sexual frequency. It was found that slim waist and erectile function was good strong correlation between. The more slender female waist, sex has become even more frequent companion to the quality of life and more satisfied. massive dildos

Researcher Professor Stuart Brody, probably for two reasons, one female belly excess fat will reduce their own sexuality, resulting in decreased sex drive; two men believe that women are more sexy slim waist, resulting in erectile function stronger. Professor Brody, the second interpretation is more persuasive. silicone dildos

In addition, waist fat accumulation may increase the risk  of metabolic disease, cardiovascular disease and cancer risk, so women no longer popular as marriage object. The researchers also found that men waist thicker, sexual life satisfaction will fall.     
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The latest U.S. a "herself" magazine published an article that: the ideal frequency of both spouses to reach agreement in sex, not rigidly adhere to a fixed pattern. The article also invited a number of American sexologist, sex frequencies for different review guidance. realistic dildos

Night time. Experts: praise your extraordinary effort, but do not "to sex and sex", ignoring the emotion. SUNY Stony Brook sociology professor John Gagnon suggested that in last month's time, concerned about their sex time and frequency, and frequency of sex with a partner to discuss the appropriateness and seek to engage both physically and psychologically satisfied .extreme dildos  
Twice a week. Expert Comment: This is a lot of people stick to the "standard frequency of sex," but Indiana University institute of sexology expert, Dr. Erik Jensen said that this fact is not science. True science of sex frequency is based on physical needs and emotional sides to decide. The couple lived together a long time, frequency of sex will form a habit, become easy form than substance. At this point the couple must learn to break the routine, such as changing a fixed time and place.large dildos

Two or three times a month. Expert Comment: If they accept this frequency, then do not worry too much. Houston City sex therapist Mary Euler Pini said that some of the couple's sex life, the quality is better than quantity. Especially after the age of 40, one better than the quality of sex daily passion. The two sides together to learn new things, adventure and other activities will be closer together marital relationship, improve intimacy, sex naturally fall into place.  buy dildos

Ejaculation is the most secure method of contraception, but there are still many men in droves, which is what causes it ? Coitus interruptus which will bring "hangover" ? Coitus interruptus principle is based on the climax of the two men to carry out stage . buy dildos
Usually the first phase of a man orgasm , sperm concentration to be part of the penis , called the " inevitable ejaculation " stage , the second stage is reached after a few seconds ' ejaculation phase " , sperm injection through the urethra . Use coitus interruptus , when men ejaculate inevitable stage in the penis from the vagina it out, in a woman's ejaculation . monster dildos

Ejaculation can cause a very serious problem : premature ejaculation. Use coitus interruptus method of contraception for men and women , the most common procedure is to stimulate the prelude to a very excited man stage pumping several times after insertion force , suddenly set aside ejaculation , so make men meet , while ensuring that women do not become pregnant. But before long , the man will develop the habit of premature ejaculation . Ejaculation causes lack of sexual experience of the young man to develop rapid response ejaculation , the man does not ejaculate inside the vagina sprint to date, can not freely enjoy the pleasure of orgasm . Meanwhile, physically and psychologically , both men and women will agree that the vagina is only used to enable men to obtain ejaculation organs. large dildos

More important point is that men and women take coitus interruptus , they not only can not enjoy the real sexual pleasure , made easy for women to lose love love interest , and increased risk of unintended pregnancy . The beginning of time , they can accept this coitus interruptus method of contraception , but the quality of sex , after all, both sides need to dedicate myself , because there is no appropriate contraceptive measures, men would not stop to ask yourself whether it should confirm withdrawn while women are worried about whether the semen into the vagina , the other hand, the two sides will be more love love brings pleasure attachment , which led out of the penis before it has a small amount of semen into the vagina . strap on dildos

As often before ejaculation sperm cells from the urethra out a few drops , every drop of sperm contains about fifty thousand , if they fall into the vagina, there is a drop of semen enough to make a woman 's egg is fertilized . Sometimes ejaculation , the man immediately with your fingers to touch woman 's genitals , making her orgasm , or compartment not take long for a second love love these two cases, the fingers and the penis into the vagina sperm are able .

After several years the couple 's sex life , the various postures estimates have been able to try , but your sex but brought back the passion and wonderful past . thick dildos
You only need to add a little , a very tiny bit , do not have trouble learning, which after changing a little bit different , you can make those previously immutable things become completely different. They can quietly potentially change your life and make you feel happy swaying , like you marry the world , and enjoyed all the world's "sex ." cyberskin dildos
Now teach you " old love refurbished" two coup and readily available some small trick , so you old sex change faces.

Preheat Imagination

Do not put sex on the bed before doing as things warm up in the mind of imagination, allows you to have one of the longest most liberal foreplay . And brain a blank battle ground compared filled with all kinds of sexual information of the brain apparently can be excited and quickly enter the state. Let your mind be to generate new ideas , a quick trick the brain can make you do it is entirely different.best dildos

Preheat sex can you imagine any possible time for , eat, walk , ride , even at work, passing within a few seconds the screen will not affect anything. You can you see anything , think anything , and sex do association. Of course, not possessed by the Devil , do not too long, a few seconds , tens of seconds is enough. Imagine the contents need not be too clear, ambiguous and obscure more suitable for use as warm-up passion. extreme dildos

During sex can also be preheated brain , one re-imagine your body. Not imagine your legs or belly becomes what kind , but imagine your most sensitive point is wonderful and timeless , imagine it is beautifully quivering , play the perfect pitch . To do so in the spirit of the imagination, the last coming will be like a real climax of the song so beautiful and exciting . Another method is to preheat the brain of you are doing physical activity metaphorical imagination. For instance, he was gently tapping your body , you can imagine into the rain , the cat 's footsteps, dripping bells . Despite these imaginings and sex has nothing to do , but it could train your mind to more easily bring physical reaction . realistic dildos

Coordinated breathing

Maybe you never thought about , the most common breathing and quality of sex relationship . In fact, the sex , the two breathing is coordinated very critical . If you can achieve " the same breath ," it will be able to "co- sex " was.

Do the same with a simple breathing method is: bent side with you , you are the former , he , he hugged you ring from behind , put his hand on your chest , you can feel your breath. Then you do a long deep breath , he followed your breath. When the two coincide breathing slowly , you will feel a powerful love connection. Do look like a ritual , too solemn like, but it can make you quick access to Heart connected to the feeling of intimacy . This extraordinary intimacy will create a special sex "gas field" that lets you sink into ecstasy with sexual passion . glass dildos

Another consistent posture breathing a little bit more complex . You and he sat on the bed, legs entwined , his right hand on your heart , and your right hand on his heart , and your left hand on each other's right, and then stared at each other , began to breathe together . Just staring , breathing , staring , breathing, let your love for one another through the eyes and hands flow of soul. Let your soul to see his soul , let him see you. So insistent while, you will find each other's face changed, gentle, happy , and will carry a kind of urgent outbreak of passion. strap on dildos

The two coup attempts to make the couple " old love changed" at the same time , you can also use some small coup , simpler and more effort. giant dildos

The novel opens new avenues sex . Most women like to read novels, and writers often imaginative, some descriptive sex paragraphs may surprise , impressed by the singular way of sex . This must be a new way , you can quickly change your sex.

After trying a coup after sex , put your excitement and unusual feeling of happiness written on slips of paper , beginning write " dear" , followed by his name, in the morning, secretly into his pocket , so he took victories of last night , went to work . When he saw this note , he would fantasy : what will happen next time ? This is certainly a wonderful sex reminder.

Do not trouble yourself out of the bath, toilet , but take the time to put your cast carefully every inch of skin lotion . This self- massage will make your libido sharply higher , and when you go to bed , they naturally will be very eager to caress him . He 'll be surprised how are you today so easily excited , resulting in the subsequent two co enjoy sex sex wonderful .

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