Common male masturbation methods and techniques are the following:
( 1 ) Close your eyes and slowly immersed in the sexual fantasies inside, such fancies himself and his girlfriend having sex , etc., in order to achieve sexual excitement ; then stroked his fingers gently touched the yin stem , gradually making changes yin stem congestion hard .  brutal dildos  

2 ) the use of graphic pornographic or " raw footage child " and pornographic discs , etc., caused by sexual impulses , watching the process with your fingers stroking his yin stem so that it hardens congestion and so on. 
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( 3 ) with his four fingers and thumb to form a ring put yin stem trap , and then rubbing up and down , to stimulate yin stems and glans until discharge semen so far. "I like to roll up tube ; such as sexual intercourse because I felt the same way , making my dick child can get a strong stimulus , and soon I felt satisfied, " played a gun ! " A 40- year-old man said to the doctor . 
big dildos( 4 ) with the bath fluid or lubricant wipe the yin stems and glans above , and then carry on the yin stem friction and stroking , etc. ; until harden until the yin stem congestion ejaculation so far. often called his wife to help me , she always likes to use a lubricant or bath rubbed in my yin stem top, and then she started playing with my dick children , a short while , I began to " shelling it. " A newly married young doctor said. U.S. Kinsey Institute Bo Teen sex professor said , should be encouraged between partners or between husband and wife help each other masturbate ; masturbation between husband and wife before intercourse can be used as a front drama activities will not only increase sexual activity and it will deepen the feelings between husband and wife . Dr. Anna Adams Ti Finney (Dr, Anna Atifenni) - U.S. National survey marriage and family issues expert pointed out that the middle class in the United States family - especially the so-called white-collar workers , spouses or sexual partners to masturbation as the main activity is quite popular , with a rate of 75 % high. huge dildos

Women have masturbation activities , as women, especially young girls , unlike boys started masturbating , and is not intended to , and is often unintentional or subconscious . Usually girls because friction nakedness received some sexual pleasure , and then began masturbating . cheap dildos
How women masturbation , as well as some of the basic techniques and methods to give us a Dr. Sexology a brief introduction, are quoted as follows: First, creates an atmosphere. Women should take action or activity as a kind of masturbation relax and enjoy , do not produce guilt. In masturbation , you must create an atmosphere for ourselves : for example, choose a good weather, weekend or Sunday afternoon , when the use of a nap , shut doors and windows , the mood is relaxed, you can play a music CD, and then you can wash a hot bath ; put their beds and clean up, and then himself lying on top , while listening to music, meditation and reverie one side ; then fingers gently rubbing his genital area . Second, you can indulge yourself in sexual fantasies . For example recalled his male partner for sex and situations ; You can also find an erotica books or magazines such as " Penthouse " and " Playboy " and so on ; if you like to watch a porn DVD , OK! So that you can find sexual stimulation , and remember the purpose is to make yourself excited. A Texas 28 -year-old elementary school teacher said , "My favorite time for masturbating in the bath , put a big tub of hot water, put some rose petals in water , then put some French perfume, he was soaking in the hot tub , I let water gently flowing in the middle of my legs , in Debussy's " afternoon of a Faun ," the sound of music , I close my eyes began his reverie, I imagine that he is a daffodil in shaking Yi lake , in the woods outside, the womanizer is peeping at me . realistic dildos
I started excited ; stroked my finger up or down yin pedicle, this small Peas began to swell, become Japan hardened . My yin Road are also beginning to water , out of some yin fluid. I leant again immerse yourself in hot water , very comfortable , very good. " Third, is to liberate yourself. Your goal is to enjoy , so relaxation is very important ; You can yourself in the mirror , to see and appreciate the beauty of their own body ; You can mirror their own yin stroked pedicle and large yin yin Road lips and other parts . some women like to use the index or middle finger to insert your own yin tract , does not matter , remember your fingers must be clean . some women masturbating while also touching their breasts with hands , nipples or anal stimulation will yin and other parts of these are normal. Dr. Dai Anna special Recommendations , female masturbation , when appropriate touching their breasts and nipples will increase pleasure , but also a healthy female health practices, can reduce breast diseases , etc. U.S. National women's disease research Center reports that in the United States, accompanied by masturbation while playing and touching their breasts and nipples of women whose breast cancer risk significantly lower than women who do not do this , so that Institute recommend that women during sex and masturbation performed when multi touch a breast and nipple , while the University of Chicago Kinsey Institute for Sex Research also recommends that couples make love during intercourse , the man should pay more attention to caress the woman's breasts, nipples and yin Tijuana and other parts. Fourth , some women in the shower , when, with the shower water rinse his or yin yin Ministry pedicle head stimulation, you can achieve some kind of sexual pleasure , but also a good masturbation . No. Fifth, some women ready to use when riding a bicycle saddle for bicycle transposon and rubbing their yin Ministry , but also a method of masturbation . Sixth , lying in bed, with his legs tucked pillows rubbing himself the yin Ministry ; or climb down , lying on a pillow on the long , abdomen attached pillow, rubbing up and down his yin department, etc., is also a good method of masturbation . Seventh, her husband and her boyfriend having sex in the same time , called boyfriend stroking his yin and yin lip pedicle , which is beneficial for both sides have a good way . Eighth, the most common of these is directly across the underpants or skirts rubbed with a finger yin Ministry , which is the approach adopted many girls . strap on dildos

Regardless of how you masturbate methods and techniques , the key is to pay attention to hygiene, such as washing hands before and yin department. Some readers asked if I could use fake yin stems and other sex toys , and of course you can , but be careful not to cause damage to health and their principles .
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