A female friend in the choice of clothes when you want to pay attention to some problems , because some clothes though looked good, but also gives us the opportunity to show personality charm , especially those advocating sexy costume sexy in this era of much everyone's favorite , not knowing these seemingly long wear beautiful clothes , but detrimental to our health and even cause disease.  thick dildos
Many women do not pay attention in the choice of their bra size , when to buy a bra size too small . If this day for a long time to wear the bra tight and narrow , it will affect the breast and around the blood circulation , so that toxic substances remain in the breast tissue, may increase the risk of breast cancer . black dildos
Wear dress exposed navel stomach ache caused by the situation in the summer is very common. As young people slim physique , umbilical fat tissue, skin , fascia and peritoneum directly connected , and here is the stratum corneum is relatively thin and tender , cold , moisture easily enters the body from the navel . Summer temperatures varied, sooner or later, cold, particularly easy to catch cold if wearing bare midriff . thick dildos
Navel exposed to cold , a long time can cause dysmenorrhea , menstruation, irregular menstruation and other gynecological diseases . Some pregnant women early in pregnancy wear midriff , long in a cold environment will stimulate the blood flow within the uterine cavity , causing decreased fetal circulation , easily lead to miscarriage. strapon dildos
Many women like to wear high heels. But if women wear high heels to walk a long time , it is apt to cause foot problems , causing the foot deformation. Developmental girls wear high heels will affect the normal development and growth in height .

Wear miniskirts too long , especially in the case of low temperatures in winter , easy to make the formation of cellulite legs and feet . This is the body exposed to the cold air of the body 's physiological responses made ​​to avoid frostbite muscles are naturally occurring fats KPC . thick dildos

As far as possible and the law of regular , prolonged intercourse without cause decreased sexual desire . In the course of life , if men can have a relatively short time the ability of repeated sexual intercourse , then it should do so, because the second time than the first sexual intercourse will last a long time, thus enabling women to achieve orgasm. monster dildos

Appropriate to extend the time of sexual intercourse : In order to prolong sexual intercourse , experienced men will reflect the reasonable control of libido , close to the peak of the sexual impulse , yin stem stopped twitching . This together with the impact of a fall alternate way for women is very stimulating , and many women like it that way. Men can also use the second method , the so-called "static movement" means sexual intercourse . This method can be extended by one hour or even longer , What, then this approach can not be used more than once , as long intercourse makes a woman fatigue unbearable . Even for those who do not ejaculate long tic friction men , should take this into account . silicone dildosSuffering from premature ejaculation in men , though not the yin stem insertion yin Road , but it can put the yin stem inserted between the two yin lip , the top women in the yin pedicle stimulation . This " close " method in the life of intercourse as effective . massive dildos
In order to extend the time of sexual intercourse , men can make proper use of some medicines , temporarily reduce the yin stem feeling. If the sex 1-l.5 hours prior to the local anesthetic applied to the yin stem head, then put on a condom.
In order to extend the time of sexual intercourse can also be inserted into the female yin stem deeply yin Road , then slowly rub , or changing the angle of the body , or the body up and down , so that the next hop female yin stems gradually to a climax.
Prolong sexual intercourse has brought many women to give pleasure ; while prolong sexual intercourse is not just women unilateral desire of both men and women in sexual activities common needs .
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Never quarrel. University of Michigan study found that couples appear dissent, silence means lack of sincerity. Between husband and wife positive discussion and exchange is very important, it allows each premise in love , matter , and thus solve the problem.     glass dildosRelatives divorce. When you find someone else 's marriage betrayal will shake their partner's trust. To avoid a domino effect , do not take someone else's marriage as the primary reference , the most important is that you and your partner can stick to their own happiness. brutal dildos

Old electronic devices to communicate . Oxford University study found that often through electronic devices such as SMS, email , social networking communication partner, marital satisfaction even worse. Because electronic devices can not be completely and accurately convey the emotions of both sides , only to face communication and express their feelings , will allow couples miss each other more easily . large dildos

Sleep well. Adequate sleep is a good marriage of the " necessities ." University of California , Berkeley study found that couples sleep well in the case , more prone to violent quarrel. If one snoring seriously , the best time to heal , or sub-bed to sleep . cyberskin dildos

Ignore the small warmth. A large bouquet of roses , a box of fine chocolates certainly exciting , but the bits of life love is enough to make you very happy . United States, " National Marriage Project" sponsored survey found that some small details of life between husband and wife , as to each pour coffee , Chuichui back , hugging , etc., makes the divorce rate declined.

Only an apology does not change . Need to apologize after an argument , but more is needed is mutual understanding , consensus , and even compromise. When a woman complained that her husband do the housework, she most wanted response should not be an apology , but he made the change. monster dildos

General opinion is inconsistent . Weekend , do you like to go out to see a movie , while the other likes to watch TV at home , make their ideas disagreement setbacks , the mood has become frustrated . To avoid such problems , it may compromise it, sometimes at home watching TV , and sometimes go out to see a movie . Marriage never winning , and only a win-win , or lose-lose . massive dildos
Dream partner's bad behavior . Dream companion rude, derailment , may also lead to real-life war. American psychology at the University of Maryland , Dr. Terman Dylan Purcell believes that this dream may be derived from the inner insecurity. Discuss this idea with your partner the root relieve anxiety , so that dream companions.
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" Female superior " with ultra- lubricated condom

This sex position the initiative to women , so she decided through clitoral or G-spot stimulation to orgasm . If you want the former, women can lean forward , back bent, lower body close to the partner's penis . Try to move around laterally to friction G-spot .  huge dildos

 And this is the role of condoms increased lubrication , so the vulva , G spot friction faster and more in place. Of course , you can not use ordinary condoms, be sure to pick times like Durex Extreme slim slip of series , so as to achieve the best results . black dildos
" Millstone " type waves need condoms

This is a " quick fix" way of making love . Women can sit at the table , limbs expand , men standing in their front . This position angle and thrusting force in the shortest possible time , so that the heat rising . But the only drawback is that the men because of irritation is too strong, but difficult to control climax. Condom use is to reduce the sensitivity of men , so that they "do" more lasting several . thick dildos
Condoms as "cat style" add momentum

This is called "sex straight skills," make women feel intense clitoral orgasm . It is somewhat similar with the missionary position , but requires male body leaning forward, arms on the woman's shoulders as a support, they should completely fit the body and keep the spine straight. In sex , men can gently move up and down rather than around the action . Because the action is light, lack of lubrication can not achieve the desired effect , so lubricated condoms became a high degree of dynamic core , so that ye gentle movement, feel the joy of the collision . cheap dildos

Impotence refers to a sexual desire , the penis can not erect or erection is not firm , or have an erection , and though there is a certain degree of hardness, but can not maintain sufficient time for sexual intercourse , thus impeding sexual intercourse or can not complete sexual intercourse , impotence is not terrible, through self- prevention and health care can correct impotence. cyberskin dildos
( 1 ) , eliminate the psychological factors: To have a full understanding of the knowledge to fully understand the precise factors on sexual function . To correctly deal with " sex " and can not be seen as something shameful and disgust and fear ; not because of a failure of the two sexual frustration worried about lack of confidence ; couple to increase the emotional exchange , eliminating factors of disharmony , tacit understanding , the woman should be caring, caressing , encouraged her husband to avoid discontent feelings, avoid mental stress caused to her husband ; intercourse thinking to focus , in particular, reached the peak of sexual pleasure , is about to ejaculate, but also to focus on thinking . large dildos
( 2 ) , section intercourse : Long-term excessive sexual intercourse , immersed in pornography, one of the reasons leading to impotence . Practice has proved that the couple separate beds , stop sex life for some time, to avoid all types of sexual stimulation , so that central nervous system and organs get enough rest , effective measures for the prevention and treatment of impotence . monster dildos
( 3 ) , improve physical fitness : physical weakness , fatigue , lack of sleep , stress lasting mental , are risk factors, should be actively engaged in physical activity, enhance physical fitness, and pay attention to rest , to prevent fatigue , adjusting the central nervous system functional imbalance. massive dildos

( 5 ) , the use of natural penile erection morning characteristics of appropriate training , in the early morning sex is likely to succeed. silicone dildos( 6 ) , but it can not be strong erection erection , you can use semi- erection suitable for sexual intercourse position for sexual intercourse , sexual tension relaxed , easy to make sex life , the penis can naturally restore erectile function. best dildos
( 7 ) , a small amount of alcohol to drink before sex to relieve mental depression, increase sexual excitement of the central brain , can enhance erectile function , but it should be noted that only a small amount to drink liquor . black dildos

( 8 ) , taking ginseng royal jelly . It contains protein, fat , sugar , minerals and trace elements such as more than 40 kinds of nutrients, long-term use can increase the penis erectile strength and stiffness . Leeks and onions can be served , especially with fried liver , can enhance sexual function, increase libido. thick dildos

( 9 ) , using a round mouth tight skin , subcutaneous tissue of the penis can be oppressed in venous return , the tip of the penis congestion, glans feeling will be more sensitive to the increased enhanced brain excitability , penile erection strength and rigidity increases.
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Speaking contraceptive measures , the doctor may not reveal everything to you , some of the key facts for the majority of women do not know , can not be taken seriously enough . brutal dildos
Do you think there are any new breakthroughs in contraception the first time the doctor will tell you that right ? Unfortunately, the doctor is likely to hide a lot of details for you , why not ? Maybe because you do not have any doubt , she thought that you have mastered all the information you need to know ; perhaps she 's busy schedule , every day people like you eager reception countless people have time to talk with you in depth , perfunctory perfunctory trouble. cheap dildos
COSMO website once told more than 2,000 women conducted a public opinion survey , 33 % of women answered annual gynecological examination the doctor only superficial , meet about it . You do not understand exactly what information might lay hidden , hurt you. Women taking contraceptive measures , 2 / 3 of women find themselves "accidentally" pregnant , because the approach is not correct, or mismatch with their lifestyle . In actual operation, the contraceptive method may not be 100 % safe , it is impossible to prevent sexually transmitted diseases , but the following seven incomplete knowledge of the facts of your life, but it may have a serious impact . realistic dildos
Secret 1: body weight at work

Ages ranged from 18-39 years old female , if the weight is equal to or greater than 58 kg , oral contraceptives are 60% ​​likely to fail , especially those low estrogen targets . Overweight women metabolism faster, requires more hormones to prevent pregnancy. Moreover, there are fat soluble contraceptive effect may "stay" fat storage in the body where blood can not reach the real should be to play a role . If you weigh more than 58 kg , the best doctor to recommend other more reliable methods, such as intrauterine devices , condoms or birth control pills and two-pronged approach to ensure foolproof . strap on dildos
Secret 2 : enduring the most effective

In fact, there are many very effective method of contraception is not for you to know , never imagined , and no one to recommend to you too . Curious? Intrauterine device (IUD) is one example. It is placed in a T -shaped intrauterine contraceptive device small , the flexible soft plastic , must be made by the doctor to help you to embed the body . Later, even if the egg has been fertilized , it will not grow implantation in the womb , as long as nothing unusual , in 2012 regardless of all OK , and does not give sex trouble , very convenient. huge dildos

Different sizes of the penis as a weapon of varying lengths for different " sexual battlefield ." According to the American men online magazine "Ask him," recently reported that penis different sizes , you should choose a different sexual positions . huge dildos
Circumference greater than 13.2 cm : male and female sexual disharmony a prominent issue is the male penis is too rough and narrow vagina , thereby causing women pain during intercourse . Penis too big men should spend more time to foreplay, fully arouse the partner's sexual arousal , increased vaginal lubrication ; began to enter the action to try to Rouhuan more. big dildos
Circumference less than 13.2 cm : In this case , both the tight feeling may be affected. The following methods may be helpful : Wife supine knees close together , try to stretch the vagina rather than expansion ; Or curl your legs and jumping to the chest , so that the labia together, thereby increasing friction and enhance pleasure. strap on dildos
Length less than 11.2 centimeters : in the first phase of female sexual arousal , vaginal dilation is very large , then will gradually tightened. Couples can use this feature to compensate for the lack of length . For example, in sex begins, the first not to rush into , until the fiery passion of each other when this will get firmer feel. In addition, men proper diet , maintaining cleanliness at the pubic bone , carefully trimmed penis pubic hair , but also make the penis look better than the actual grow 2-3 cm . extreme dildos
Length of 11.2 cm to 16.5 cm in between : It is very desirable length. Vaginal nerves are located in the outer part of the comparison , the length of the penis can better stimulate this highly sensitive area . At this point most of the couple can be sexual position . buy dildos
Length greater than 16.5 cm : Maybe men will for their extremely proud to have such dimensions , but in fact, most women agree that this would stimulate the vagina during intercourse rear , causing pain . Sometimes this feeling hit with men testicular pain when par . For such couples , we recommend using the female superior . Women can be kneeling on the bed, control the rhythm and depth of insertion , do not cause yourself uncomfortable.                  
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Why do some men's sexuality particularly strong , while some men are not.

English National Institutes of Health , Dr. Ha Moer cell geneticists studied 250 men and found that more than half of men have quite a lot of sex genes. dildos for sale
These men have sex at least once a week , and some people even several times a day ; the other half is completely different men , sex two or three times a month just to be satisfied. breast clamps
Dr. Ha Moer found that this gene controls the libido of a chemical substance ---- brain serotonin levels , and serotonin in addition to affecting people 's depression and anxiety , but also on human sexuality have a tremendous impact . In fact, people with depression and anxiety have a great relationship libido . Dr. Ha Moer , genes determine libido this discovery of drug development, but also for abstinence spread the way , those who want to increase sexual desire or want abstinence people will benefit therefrom .  bessey clamps

How do excessive libido

1 First, learn to respect his wife from the heart , if the wife does not agree, do not force his wife to the same room, do not think this is his wife's obligations. Sex is fun two people , do not be too selfish . toys for twats

(2) increasing physical activity , take part in sports . Appropriate physical exercise, to reduce excessive seminal vesicles active , so that dissipate heat balance , avoiding blood filling genitals , natural health. wand massager
3 patterns of life , do not wear tight underwear , bedding should not be too warm , do not drink coffee before going to bed , or make life more actively busy with fatigue sleep, avoid watching pornographic novels , video and romantic novels, and in both restraint lust and reduce impulsive.  vibrating egg

Strong sexual desire may be the fault of the genes - chromosomes XYY "super male"

Normal male somatic cells only one Y chromosome (46, XY), the Y chromosome has a strong masculine role , so in general, men with burly, strong temper , irritability, ambition , and other characteristics . However, some of the male body more than a normal male Y chromosome (47, XYY), this excess material so that male patients showed a tall, grumpy , irritable , aggressive strong , often anti-social behavior . According to a survey in England a prison , custody male offenders in 4 % of XYY type "super male" person . Social survey shows that men prisoners "XYY" men to be higher than those normally 20 times . The disease incidence of about 1.7/1000 population . According to the analysis , creating "super male" because the father 's side in the formation of sperm disorder occurs during meiosis , meiosis occurs in the second "Y" chromosome segregation , resulting in a "24, YY" sperm . egg vibrator
In addition , individuals who have a 47, XXX, XXY or XYY syndrome or a greater number of X or Y when they referred to as multi X or Y syndrome, such as 48, XXXX; 49, XXXXY like. Overall, the number of sex chromosomes appeared Generally the more mentally ill patients , the higher the degree , the more severe developmental abnormalities . Therefore, only prohibits inbreeding , while there is a family history of chromosomal abnormalities such individuals to do genetic counseling and prenatal diagnosis of the fetus in order to effectively reduce such genetic diseases. small clamps
What kind of eroticism

Eroticism is sexuality has been particularly strong, far beyond the normal level , regardless of the requirements of the day and night have sex , and sometimes require multiple daily intercourse , but also requires a longer time for sexual intercourse or sexual desire is still not satisfied, this is called the eroticism . Its performance is excessive sexual excitement , too fast, too drama, if below it feeling uncomfortable , dizziness , insomnia , weakness , daze. Strong sexual desire , and even reached regardless of the occasion , the point is not to avoid intimacy . Their extraordinary reaction to intense, even hugging, kissing can also produce intense orgasm . Chinese medicine called " animal in nature ."

The most important reason is eroticism endocrine disorders and the impact of the cerebral cortex . Such as pituitary tumors, Leydig cell tumors or hyperplasia , hyperthyroidism, mania and other organic factors and socio-cultural factors can lead to over-indulgence . If after patients suffering from clinically diagnosed with schizophrenia , testis , brain and pituitary tumors, should go to the appropriate specialist hospital . If the hospital examination found no organic disease, should be reasonable arrangements for the pace of life , the couple can be suitably separated for some time, reduce sexual stimulation, the more energy is used to study and work , is an effective way to overcome eroticism . Belong to menopause , endocrine disorders and other reasons , it can first use of sedatives , eliminate its morbid delusions , reducing its impulses aroused factors . First try serving three bromine tablets, chlordiazepoxide , and stability , meprobamate , chlorpromazine . Such as invalid then consider hormone therapy . Hormone therapy, oral administration of diethylstilbestrol 5 mg daily for 2 months. So drugs may cause male breast hyperplasia, breast enlargement , testicular and penile atrophy , so with this therapy , must be under the guidance of a doctor , and treatment should not be too long.

By the sexologists Pan · Spoor authored book, " hot sex" to provide readers with a lot of practical sex skills. The following is one of the most feasible and interesting ways .  brutal dildos

So that women obsessed techniques:
" Baji mouth " type of kissing. Pursed lips and sometimes before , when then shrink , occasionally send out some " tut " sound, which can produce wonderful pleasure, while mobilizing women's auditory and tactile . big dildos

Create " sexy" pain . Pinch the wife's a small patch of skin , slowly add a little strength. Sexy and sometimes pain is the same, a woman's sex drive will be as slight tenderness evoke . cheap dildos
Naughty kiss . Men can relax the muscles of the tongue , free kissing lovers in different parts of the body , so that every contact with the lips and skin are gently and quickly . realistic dildos

Let a man vertigo tips : realistic dildos
Remove dead skin sensitive areas . In order to improve the sensitivity of the husband , he might try to remove the dead skin around the chest and neck . Wife may apply scrub your hands , then gentle circular movements in these areas , massage .
Do not ignore the man's feet. Men's feet unusually sensitive to stimulate different parts of feet can trigger his sexual impulses. strap on dildos

Wrists should not be underestimated . Men's wrist smooth , delicate, easily overlooked is a sensitive area . During sex , the wife can kiss , touch this area . glass dildos
Magical beads . Find some smooth beads, wipe some lubricant on top , and then gently rub her husband's sensitive area , which is kind of massaging relaxation , can quickly arouse sexual desire. brutal dildos
Participatory techniques:
Goggles temptation : Wear goggles, fully perceive the other hand . Whether touch each other or be touched , will be a kind of electric shock fantasy feeling.

The researchers noted that in the one-night stand in men tend to reduce their selection criteria . So then men to women praise and flattery just deceptions . cheap dildos
Experts conducted a survey of 3,300 people , of which the majority of people between the ages of 17-40 . In heterosexual More than half of respondents admitted happened one night stand , and the probability of one-night stand between men and women is basically equal .
Men and women most desire one-night stand Who ? huge dildos

One Night Stand the word now appears so often, has no one will hold voyeur attitude to explore this topic , too many people involved in the practice of , but after a one-night stand , men and women have been what ? And who really revel in it ? Did you know ...  realistic dildos
Great debate about the one-night stand of users :
User Beijing winter : women and men who have one-night stand , usually there are two cases : either that she thinks this man is also ok, so bewitched by their own conditions in front of this man, one-night stand with this man through to disguise themselves to men insecurity. Or is in a man's temptation to praise , the thought that he is unique, and therefore feel tonight is her night stand made ​​specifically for this man . One-night stand , not all men take the initiative , is a man's preferences.
User spread gardenia : Plainly, if the other party is indeed very attractive , men will feel a sense of accomplishment after a one-night stand . And more men than women get sexual gratification from a one-night stand . In fact , one-night stand is sometimes lonely sometimes because of too much sexual repression , distraction is nothing more than the way men and women are the same , that no woman tie , the men themselves can not be one-night stand ah , it is not the one-night stand are blamed to man who . extreme dildos

User cowboy kakaka: one-night stand , not the nights situation , which indicates that it is short sex, one-off , there is no entanglement and cumbersome , if there is something after a night that is not purely a one-night stand . And too seriously , then the chances will be greatly reduced one-night stand . Person found occasionally in the case of trying to secure one-night stand is no big deal . large dildos

User sisi Princess : saw a man like Daniel did , and they can not expect him to spend the rest of their own , so the chance the right words , and he can in one afternoon or a complete stranger in a place where the relationship between half an hour , after which there is no language leave, how cool and romance Egypt
User iron a cow : the majority of women in the one-night stand , they all feel more empty and alone and really enjoy and pleasing a woman is not common. Moreover, many women will feel that they are being used in the role of one-night stands , so this is a woman after a one-night stand somewhat negative reasons . " Such behavior is cheapening yourself and make yourself look very casual ." Like the idea , so that women feel bad. cyberskin dildos

The man most likely to occur one-night stand , most likely with the following factors:
A married man or having had at least six months or more sexual experiences of men , there is enough understanding of sexuality and men . monster dildos

2 , have the opportunity to hang around or frequent entertainment network man.
3 , in order to win the men appearance .
4 , generous, a man willing to spend money , so easy to attract a woman 's attention.
5 , " eloquence " Well , good sweet, knows how to coax a woman happy man.
6 , do not mind the one-night stand object looks , she does not need put the feelings of men, simply to satisfy the sexual .

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