Lust is the fire of the soul of men and women , sex is the best gift God has given to mankind . With it was able to reproduce human beings , with which it was more love life ...... study found that some foods and nutrients can promote libido , regulating sexual feelings and enhance sexual function , is that they are busy men and women in the burning fire of the soul , the human sex act messenger. When you understand the desire to eat , eat "sex" blessing , you will remain unmoved? So, what foods make people eat their libido it ? brutal dildos
Food can also increase libido
Foods rich in vitamin E : Vitamin E is considered a vitamin , food sources are wheat germ oil, nuts , wheat, millet , and asparagus. Vitamin E deficiency can cause severe degeneration and atrophy of the penis , hormone secretion and loss of reproductive capacity. Eat foods rich in vitamin E can prevent and improve the situation . huge dildos
Seafood: fish, shrimp , shellfish , seaweed food. In Roman times, people have found that seafood is the ideal food for nourishment libido , especially shark meat , as sex "catalyst " is still renowned. Research shows that seafood is rich in phosphorus and zinc, for male and female sexual health is very important , there is " harmonious marital sex hormone ," said. In general, where the body of zinc deficiency , male sperm count will be reduced and the quality is decreased, accompanied by severe sexual function and reproductive dysfunction, weight loss occurs for women , vaginal fluids during sexual intercourse to reduce other symptoms. In addition , seaweed iodine content than any other animal . The iodine deficiency or deficiency can lead to miscarriage, male sexual function decline, decreased libido . Therefore, even if not always eat seafood , but also often eat kelp , seaweed, wakame seaweed food . big dildos
Honey: Honey contains gonadal hormones , gonadal activity has significant biological activity. Because of the weak , high- and impaired sexual function , you can insist on taking honey products .

Nuts : sexologists found that in some often eat seeds barbarian nation , very few have prostate disease. This is because the fan can affect the seeds contains a mysterious substance produced by male hormones . In addition , wheat, sesame, sunflower seeds , walnuts , almonds , peanuts, pine nuts , also help in enhancing sexual function . cheap dildos
Leek : also known as grass from the sun , impotence grass, longevity leek , is a growth exuberant common vegetables. As kidney impotence, nocturnal emission dream vent auxiliary therapeutic share of male erectile dysfunction , premature ejaculation and other diseases have a good effect . cheap dildos
Onion : Onions has been seen as the embodiment of love and sexuality . Onions very rich in nutrients , it can stimulate the libido benign . Research shows that onions in a variety of enzymes and vitamins can guarantee the normal human hormones , yin to yang . glass dildos
Eggs: Eggs are recovering after sex best " reducing agent ." Eggs are rich in quality protein , which is a nutrient essential for sex . It can be a strong vitality, eliminate fatigue after sexual intercourse , but it can also be converted to arginine in the body , improve sperm quality , enhance sperm motility . While accelerating the healing of the woman's hymen rupture .

Gender relations disputes is not who wins , but in the ability to find objective and neutral point to solve the problem . You are happy , I am happy , is the most positive attitude. brutal dildos
Who sexes greater interest in sex ? How to improve each other's sex drive ?

Gender on the requirements and expectations of different sex drive , high and sometimes low normal. Male sex drive more urgent , regardless of the heart , targeted , more focused during sex , easy to reach orgasm. Women's sex drive is often considered to be more dispersed , the urgent need emotional intimacy . The difference between the sexes sex drive is not quantity, but quality . cyberskin dildos
Male and female sex drive can be as high , but the average male sex drive than women , this is because testosterone at work, the day after tomorrow erotic stimuli in the environment is also affected. monster dildos
Women want to romance, men have to pornography, sexual interest structure big difference . In fact, interest in sex from the head , not the technology, it is necessary to pull away from everyday life , to concentrate want sex , or with the sexual fantasies, to generate interest in sex . huge dildos
Increase female sex drive method : romantic moves ( such as sending cards, flowers, gifts, praise ) , more communication and intimacy , to meet the emotional needs of couples willing to spend quality time together , and reduce disputes.

Promote male sexual interest approach: sex tricks or more dramatic , sudden , nudity stimulation, sexy inner beauty , Couples positive response , pornography and erotic stimulation. massive dildos
Male sexual impulses generated just three seconds , women need to embrace 15-20 minutes have sexual feelings .

How much sex is enough ?

Medical journals Survey: one-third of couples having sex two or three times a month . Another one survey: one-third of the long-term no sex couples , or having sex once every two months . These couples aged 38 years or less. best dildos Different sexes of interest in sex , like diet , it is best to take " You ok I ok" attitude.

Real sex with the degree of interest in sex does not refer to the same gender , but the same expectations for interest in sex , or what is normal / abnormal sex drive the same view . Despite the high and low sex drive , as long as the same expectations and attitudes , we can overcome any sexual interest gap. cheap dildos
Male and female sexual problems are the most common complaints what ?

Men always feel that sex is not enough, look forward to more . While worried about their sexual performance as his wife expected to gradually lose interest in sex .

Women complained of a lack of communication with her husband , looking forward to more exchanges and emotional intimacy . Women saying the more you want the stronger desire to have sex . Women say on a day to 12,000 words , the male one day just say 4000 words. realistic dildos
For men, sex = love ; woman 's eyes, love = emotional communication and intimacy .


   Although sex is mainly done through the brain and sexual organs , but other body organs and systems of the sound effects for the quality of life can not be ignored . " Fitness " and " sexual health " in all respects have a common place, or say that it is the same, exactly the same. U.S. health experts cited seven steps , both fitness tips , but also to improve the sex life elements. brutal dildos
    1 , strong heart

    Cycling, swimming , brisk walking , aerobics workout in the fitness equipment running and other exercise , can enhance the blood circulation system of endurance , while allowing you to have a better sex life durable capabilities. huge dildos
    When you love , although there is more blood flow to the limbs and genitals , but will not affect other parts of the blood supply to the brain is still adequate blood supply. Improvement of blood circulation , but also conducive to hormone secretion, while allowing women Y- Road Run Road more fully .
big dildos    2 , strong limbs

    Limbs were not robust enough , in a certain position during sex , often found it difficult to sustain , had ended early sex life , which shows the strong and powerful limbs turn out , it is very beneficial to sex life . Fitness exercises , push-ups, yoga, running, etc. , all contribute to strengthen the limbs , especially legs, strength and endurance. cheap dildos
    3, enhance flexibility and flexibility limb

    Limbs not only powerful , but also flexibility, resilience , or sex life will not feel handy , anywhere but will sometimes appear stiff or leg cramps , the body feels like to fall apart . Flexibility and elasticity so that you can maintain a posture quite for a long time still find it hard to unbearable , changing position when they can ride freely , so that will naturally improve creativity and enhance sexual orgasm cheerful . black dildos
    4 , strengthen the pelvic and lumbar abdominal

    Pelvic muscles , lumbar and abdominal muscles, carried on sexual behavior and orgasm experience , are very important. California, a yoga teacher recommended the following exercise : Stand with your feet apart, knees slightly bent , suck Firmly when gas turns to the left and right sides of the pelvis rotates best , exhale slowly turning into place. feet do not move , the body weight evenly supported by the feet . Moreover, sit-ups can enhance the psoas and abdominal muscles , which support the position during sex and friction movements are very useful. strap on dildos
    5 , exercise pubococcygeus

    Legs slightly apart , just as suddenly interrupted voiding contraction as Y, the muscles around the anus , so that it remains tightened state three note bell , bell relax three notes , repeated 30 times . Muscle contraction , it should only involve the pelvic floor and will Y pubococcygeus portion ( referred to as PC muscles ) , and does not extend to the buttocks , abdomen and leg muscles , so as not to feel tired. cheap dildos
    Exercise several times a day , slowly you will feel anal "tight " the. Women orgasm , PC muscles will shrink , so the PC muscle exercises can help improve women's orgasm , ejaculation also help improve men's pairs ability to control the phenomenon of correcting excessive ejaculation .
    6 , learn to relax

    U.S. West Sevilla Gini sex therapist , sex educators , counseling and treatment of family home he said: " relax so that you can enjoy being stroked cheerful , and make you both physically and emotionally able to make better reaction, so that sex life more perfect . " glass dildos

    7 , perseverance , perseverance

    Sexuality and other body functions , like use and disuse . M.D. stressed that: " To maintain sexual health , we must remain constantly have sex, a strong sexual desire , so paid into action , does not necessarily have sex climax, does not have to spouses ( ' masturbation ' also ) , not necessarily in the bedroom bed. every other day to once a week can be, persevere , perseverance is very important , otherwise it will change your hormone levels while your ' emotional ' and ' sex drive ' will also Yat go . " silicone dildos
    Just as physical exercise to improve sex life is very beneficial as sexual health in good condition is excellent enhancer. Recent research confirmed : sex helps relieve headaches , premenstrual syndrome ; regularly sex life , can improve women's estrogen levels and help prevent arteriosclerosis , maintaining bone density , maintain the skin's moisture, the Y channel is in good state of lubrication ; sexual life can increase the level of antibodies to ease tensions harmful state.

Common male masturbation methods and techniques are the following:
( 1 ) Close your eyes and slowly immersed in the sexual fantasies inside, such fancies himself and his girlfriend having sex , etc., in order to achieve sexual excitement ; then stroked his fingers gently touched the yin stem , gradually making changes yin stem congestion hard .  brutal dildos  

2 ) the use of graphic pornographic or " raw footage child " and pornographic discs , etc., caused by sexual impulses , watching the process with your fingers stroking his yin stem so that it hardens congestion and so on. 
huge dildos
( 3 ) with his four fingers and thumb to form a ring put yin stem trap , and then rubbing up and down , to stimulate yin stems and glans until discharge semen so far. "I like to roll up tube ; such as sexual intercourse because I felt the same way , making my dick child can get a strong stimulus , and soon I felt satisfied, " played a gun ! " A 40- year-old man said to the doctor . 
big dildos( 4 ) with the bath fluid or lubricant wipe the yin stems and glans above , and then carry on the yin stem friction and stroking , etc. ; until harden until the yin stem congestion ejaculation so far. often called his wife to help me , she always likes to use a lubricant or bath rubbed in my yin stem top, and then she started playing with my dick children , a short while , I began to " shelling it. " A newly married young doctor said. U.S. Kinsey Institute Bo Teen sex professor said , should be encouraged between partners or between husband and wife help each other masturbate ; masturbation between husband and wife before intercourse can be used as a front drama activities will not only increase sexual activity and it will deepen the feelings between husband and wife . Dr. Anna Adams Ti Finney (Dr, Anna Atifenni) - U.S. National survey marriage and family issues expert pointed out that the middle class in the United States family - especially the so-called white-collar workers , spouses or sexual partners to masturbation as the main activity is quite popular , with a rate of 75 % high. huge dildos

Women have masturbation activities , as women, especially young girls , unlike boys started masturbating , and is not intended to , and is often unintentional or subconscious . Usually girls because friction nakedness received some sexual pleasure , and then began masturbating . cheap dildos
How women masturbation , as well as some of the basic techniques and methods to give us a Dr. Sexology a brief introduction, are quoted as follows: First, creates an atmosphere. Women should take action or activity as a kind of masturbation relax and enjoy , do not produce guilt. In masturbation , you must create an atmosphere for ourselves : for example, choose a good weather, weekend or Sunday afternoon , when the use of a nap , shut doors and windows , the mood is relaxed, you can play a music CD, and then you can wash a hot bath ; put their beds and clean up, and then himself lying on top , while listening to music, meditation and reverie one side ; then fingers gently rubbing his genital area . Second, you can indulge yourself in sexual fantasies . For example recalled his male partner for sex and situations ; You can also find an erotica books or magazines such as " Penthouse " and " Playboy " and so on ; if you like to watch a porn DVD , OK! So that you can find sexual stimulation , and remember the purpose is to make yourself excited. A Texas 28 -year-old elementary school teacher said , "My favorite time for masturbating in the bath , put a big tub of hot water, put some rose petals in water , then put some French perfume, he was soaking in the hot tub , I let water gently flowing in the middle of my legs , in Debussy's " afternoon of a Faun ," the sound of music , I close my eyes began his reverie, I imagine that he is a daffodil in shaking Yi lake , in the woods outside, the womanizer is peeping at me . realistic dildos
I started excited ; stroked my finger up or down yin pedicle, this small Peas began to swell, become Japan hardened . My yin Road are also beginning to water , out of some yin fluid. I leant again immerse yourself in hot water , very comfortable , very good. " Third, is to liberate yourself. Your goal is to enjoy , so relaxation is very important ; You can yourself in the mirror , to see and appreciate the beauty of their own body ; You can mirror their own yin stroked pedicle and large yin yin Road lips and other parts . some women like to use the index or middle finger to insert your own yin tract , does not matter , remember your fingers must be clean . some women masturbating while also touching their breasts with hands , nipples or anal stimulation will yin and other parts of these are normal. Dr. Dai Anna special Recommendations , female masturbation , when appropriate touching their breasts and nipples will increase pleasure , but also a healthy female health practices, can reduce breast diseases , etc. U.S. National women's disease research Center reports that in the United States, accompanied by masturbation while playing and touching their breasts and nipples of women whose breast cancer risk significantly lower than women who do not do this , so that Institute recommend that women during sex and masturbation performed when multi touch a breast and nipple , while the University of Chicago Kinsey Institute for Sex Research also recommends that couples make love during intercourse , the man should pay more attention to caress the woman's breasts, nipples and yin Tijuana and other parts. Fourth , some women in the shower , when, with the shower water rinse his or yin yin Ministry pedicle head stimulation, you can achieve some kind of sexual pleasure , but also a good masturbation . No. Fifth, some women ready to use when riding a bicycle saddle for bicycle transposon and rubbing their yin Ministry , but also a method of masturbation . Sixth , lying in bed, with his legs tucked pillows rubbing himself the yin Ministry ; or climb down , lying on a pillow on the long , abdomen attached pillow, rubbing up and down his yin department, etc., is also a good method of masturbation . Seventh, her husband and her boyfriend having sex in the same time , called boyfriend stroking his yin and yin lip pedicle , which is beneficial for both sides have a good way . Eighth, the most common of these is directly across the underpants or skirts rubbed with a finger yin Ministry , which is the approach adopted many girls . strap on dildos

Regardless of how you masturbate methods and techniques , the key is to pay attention to hygiene, such as washing hands before and yin department. Some readers asked if I could use fake yin stems and other sex toys , and of course you can , but be careful not to cause damage to health and their principles .
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A man penis is not thick, but time is long and gentle , then do not know how to flirt with shy enjoy , like in his embrace and enjoy the gentle embrace . monster dildos
Over time, it decided that this was the charm of married life : dull real and warmth. After breaking up , often miss not share blend of passion , but the share of mind, the man's body, part for me, too vague memories - fall in love only love. brutal dildos

B man is my offsite lover, only to be met at the beginning of his smile like sunshine boys attracted to tall figure 183 , the next is always on his shoulder felt so petite . Perhaps the reason is because the distance relationship , even the sex is so cherish . Every time full of enjoyment, entangled , they drop powerless before sleep, then it really so obsessed with men and women to make their own sex , so enjoy the love of the blend. We are all love each other, after the failure of a second , in terms of experience groping each other , caressing each other's body , looking for sensitive mortgaging , enjoy oral sex pleasure - until the torrent gush. His body was so intoxicated and attract me , tall figure with a strong physique , tell jokes brothers also match the appropriate. huge dildos
Our first time in Beijing KTV in tourism , hugging, kissing , after the impulse , the body induction overwhelmingly strong , his hands groping each other, trembling enter, blend, moaning, breathing , convulsions, to the summit . . . Gentle still reluctant to embrace the next . cheap dildos
We can only meet once a month , or more than once because of travel can be an opportunity to meet each meeting by the hour is 48 hours , would get off the heart from the moment it was not self-sustaining expansion , eating , laughter , hugs are luxury memories we will find fault in a hotel room and location choices , so the atmosphere is romantic arrangement . strap on dildos
Most people can not forget the thoughts of the SARS period , regardless of the danger of the car ran the most dangerous city center , after he drove my car meet just knowing embrace sweet smile . Afraid of his parents worried that we only rented a simple room to enjoy our moment in time . Once separated , the body is tired , and I feel lost because again separated . . . Distance relationship a limited lifespan , because the reality of the many factors that I offered to break up , would the heartache and no worries of loss only you know best. brutal dildos
Perhaps accustomed to sex , as a mature woman , I began to love and desire in a moist , but it did not, impetuous years of wandering , love luxury close to each other so that everyone can be kept in the distance, are looking for their own the best way of life , so love fast food noodles city came into being . Directly with the feelings , sustenance, vent , sexual outlet . big dildos
C is the encounter at a friend's party, soulful singing Adu's " Si Ye " I began to notice that after some indifferent tall thin man. With a woman 's intuition he also watched me. Body loneliness ? Reckless driving the night with him and promised to the Fragrant Hills , the shadow of the night starlight make everything pay with wild and deadly temptation , the first time in close contact with the car , crazy hugging, kissing, but there is no real sex film . We are all a little over the top man. The next day we drove to the resort , and that night I still fit the shackles of tradition , so he really did not have my body - even if we are imminent.

Sex expert gives some sex chat before and after advice to help couples to better use and enjoyment of the bed two moments.  brutal dildos
" Work " front relive sweet

They recall the good old days , you could be a memorable dating scene , it can be the moment of the first kiss , and express their sweet ; praise each other, and can compliment each other's body , such as " I've always loved you eyes " , you can do something on the other side expressed gratitude or simply express their sexual fantasies ; vision for the future , you can plan a romantic trip together , imagine how you'll have a happy ; even say the erotic jokes possible .   strap on dildos
" Work " is expressed in love

In sexual life in progress, each breath is the most wonderful language. Do not biting his lips in silence , although the voice of a man eager to hear Jiaochuang , but heartfelt breathing and moaning more wonderful . Men need to do more , and occasionally kissed lips partner , or in the other ear, gently say "I love you", " You're beautiful " and other words of love , the effect is quite good Yo ! big dildos
" Work " after the appropriate tenderness

The end of life , sex couple can discuss the performance of their favorite companion truthfully tell one part , say , " You make me forget " Such words of encouragement ; planning next passion, let your hearts full of hope ; say "I love you " the end of this sentence largest role in sex , gentle incomparable " whisper of love " can raise feelings of the couple . cheap dildos

We have enough ways to make a woman in your hands Aiye burst .

Y from the inside to the lip

Start up the inner thighs start to caress y lips. Y gently back and forth up and down the pedicle ; remember to rub it lubricated state , so as to avoid excessive friction and let the woman feel pain, gentle and rhythmic rubbing up and down , after a while , and then back and forth to rub, then back and forth up and down again . brutal dildos
With the woman's breathing rhythm soothing respite adjusted rate. When she became excited when the speed to accelerate soothe , and then slow down. When the fast slowly , calmly without haste, and to roam freely and hair . If she can also stimulate your y stems, then you follow her speed to do it. huge dildos
Surround rub y pedicle

Roam , you can begin to surround rub y pedicle . First left circling , circling and then right , and then around the small circle . After moving into a spiral and then rub , starting with the entire y outdoors around a spiral around the rub , and then slowly narrowing circle toward y pedicle . Spend some time in the y pedicle head gently , then slowly began to expand the circle of rub . big dildos
In the use of a variety of different actions at the same time , you should pay attention to a woman's response , in order to identify the most suitable way to soothe her mood at the time , and in this way to make her more excited ; ask to play this action , and then change it, then return this action, because then it is like the action, if repeated , or will it become boring boring. realistic dildos
But once she was very excited, you can continue this action, it will make her reach a higher level of excitement . Whether swallowing semen affect women's health ? cheap dildos
Offensive her private parts

Y woman in touch pedicle , you can try using a different finger rub it in turn .

If your fingers are tired , you can also use your tongue to give it a try , she will love it because it is a totally different feel . Especially in a woman very excited when, with your tongue licking her y pedicle will make her more excited. strap on dildos
Since Cream Pie too much, so joyous to best prepare before clean underwear into two bedside , so that women will see the emotional faster . bullet vibrator

I can not have sex without direction without a goal , so in the process of sex , we also need a clear roadmap to guide every step of sex. A woman's orgasm is like the peak of the landscape, sometimes you have to find what you want in order to bring her onto the climax peak. brutal dildos
Circular route
Caressing the breast is almost the only way to achieve orgasm . The most effective way to stimulate a " circular movement" to the nipple as the center, in the four weeks to explore the " treasure ." In the two weeks before menstruation , women feel the most sensitive to the chest , is the pursuit of strong sexual feelings a good time. cheap dildosG-spot stimulation
It is located in the anterior vaginal wall , a few centimeters from the vagina with your fingers feel for , like walnuts can feel when touching the surface irregularities . giant dildos

Find the G-spot , you can put pressure on his wife stomach gently down to enhance stimulation. G-spot orgasm is the body's most powerful pelvis nerve stimulation
A point stimulation
A point is discussed in recent years, more women " sensitive point" , located 5 cm above the G-spot . Here the nervous energy of the signal transmitted to the brain , so that women quickly enter the state, so that orgasm acceleration. You can sit down and let his wife legs bent , lean back . From external stimuli, must be gentle careful, because here is softer and more sensitive nerves . massive dildos

Sex Shortcuts
Clitoris is a woman sex "crater ", there is a wealth of neuronal connections with the vagina and brain. Stimulation of the clitoris 3 minutes , most women will be able to experience the ultimate thrill . Husband could put your fingers were placed on both sides of the clitoris , gently caress around, feel the bulge on each side , and slowly accelerating rhythm.realistic dildos

A point stimulation
silicone dildosA point is discussed in recent years, more women " sensitive point" , located 5 cm above the G-spot . Here the nervous energy of the signal transmitted to the brain , so that women quickly enter the state, so that orgasm acceleration. You can sit down and let his wife legs bent , lean back . From external stimuli, must be gentle careful, because here is softer and more sensitive nerves . cheap dildos
Sex Shortcuts
Clitoris is a woman sex "crater ", there is a wealth of neuronal connections with the vagina and brain. Stimulation of the clitoris 3 minutes , most women will be able to experience the ultimate thrill . Husband could put your fingers were placed on both sides of the clitoris , gently caress around, feel the bulge on each side , and slowly accelerating rhythm.
brutal dildos


2013 came, joyfully New Year , when I was almost scared the first day of the New Year had a crap . Only feeling this small world , the son of a kindergarten teacher turned out to be the object of my night stand ! ejaculating dildos
Happened in the 1st day, usually busy with work I was talking about my wife decided to buy some fruit , gift with his son to visit his kindergarten teacher , although I give teacher gifts dismissive of such a thing , but also that it does not give gifts nothing, just my wife requested, I can only obey. For his son's teacher, I have not met, just listen to his son Tong Yan Tong words of praise over his teacher more beautiful. No way, because my work requires frequent travel, entertainment, so the wife and son , my neglect of attention to them makes me feel guilty . brutal dildos
That rang the doorbell, when you hear that sound " coming" soft female voice , I just feel familiar , had a chance to remember , the door is opened, the door of the woman wearing a green knit cardigan , which is a solid color dress, smooth calf white moist , very attractive, I heard my wife shouted , " Lin ", we look down the voice murmured against her face. At that time only to feel his chest like being hit a punch , followed by brain into chaos , the wife of a woman called Lin , even before I had developed on the site of several objects in a one-night stand ! We were invited to the house , I looked at the woman turned down a few words to send his wife to accept the basket , then inadvertently looked at me, then into the kitchen to prepare drinks for us . monster dildos
When people click on the panic , and know what to do . Touxing experience that I have been careful paragraphs hidden , things in the past two months , my wife did not notice anything. But I did not think that would be the day I met that woman ...... while worried that she recognized me , what flaws exposed in front of his wife and watching her figure , could not help but recall that part of her things . Only two months ago because of curiosity registered an account on that site to play , I had not thought of how , but it created a lot of women account to receive unsolicited messages , among them her, to see them so enthusiastic I bought a diamond palace , while abducting robbed them, get their contact information, also chatted with them for a week after another met . cheap dildos
She is my last see a woman , while recognizing the time is not long, but we talk a lot on the Internet , there are some things very explicit, I know that she , like me , sometimes chatting online to find lonely before , we are more open to ideas , their appreciation of the safe and efficient with mature male-female relationships to troubleshoot emptiness. And before her , I am also deeply experienced woman to that site open enthusiasm for such a thing , for me at that time have become accustomed . That meeting , the discovery of her eyes kind of look at my current ambiguous , I tacitly , took her to a bar and sat sat , ordered some wine . To be honest she is nothing beautiful , just a pair of charming phoenix eye , charming at night under the lights ambiguous , is particularly tempting. Out of the bar that night , after I suggested she find a place to rest , as I expect she did not refuse, so I took her to the nearby opened a part-time room . buy dildos
Not the first time that night affair , but still sensory stimulation , we lay in bed talking, she spoke I was rolling over to her. She was only wrapped in a towel, in my hand down her leg deep into her between the legs , it felt wet hand . Her eyes closed, huh cried, pink cheeks two lump looks very charming , and I touched the hand beneath her Kouzhao hand and slowly pull down her towel , pinch her ​​chest , she began to moan tongue licking his lips from time to time , it seems very thirsty . That picture particularly exciting, so I feel the body's blood seems to have been rushed to the lower abdomen seduce her , then casually kissed her several times, I have her legs apart with his knee , waist and sank immediately , it will be their deep deep slid into her body .strap on dildos

In the end is not the woman had a baby , ah, where tight death. And may be having sex with strangers , she was still nervous, manpower grabbed my shoulders , there is no force from time to time , my pains and clip was cool, so I wanted her to relax while paradoxically more, while they hope she can continue sniffed me to the last one picked her changing positions , so she sat on me, that position may be too stimulating it, was she screamed louder and louder stimulus , beyond the more sweat , ass also consciously moving up , and even the water is gurgling flow out , wet me a belly. That night we did twice, very much. glass dildos

If you are a woman dare to seek sexual pleasure , but because of their limited knowledge in this area , with little experience , so when you 're struggling how cool storm . That Xiaobian need to tell is that you see today this article will help you to some extent solve the ethical or heart . massive dildos
"Warren" temptation

Warren first layer we will not explain here , the second meaning is to have a full round Bottom friends. Once the House of Love , as " basket tyrants," is full of both rounded and flexible, and does not leave slippery hands, each time giving a sense of infinite excitement . Most Asian women admitted fascination for each other's buttocks . silicone dildos
So put on a prior sex sexy lace thong , or strip has been applied in the buttocks after a layer Youguangzengliang Durex , I believe that man's eyes will follow you move.

Sexy " three lines fish"

When the man and the woman joyous when one saw tattoo will feel morale. However, we're in a different approach , tattoos such action does not seem suitable for a large urban women , but it can compromise Well, try stickers, in the chest and buttocks charming paste lace pattern , I believe he will also be big morale vibration . black dildos
Wigs transform technique

More than 15 percent of men said the same room and your partner , if she was wearing a wig, make him feel like intercourse with other women , except for sex unprecedented new sense , but also let him have "steal " the stimulus feeling. So, ladies willing early adopters may wish to try a new hairstyle, long hair wig on with a short , short hair with a wig on , meet each other's freshness. thick dildos
Nene stimulate skin

In a population of respondents , about 10 percent of the respondents said they liked to see couples wearing a leather underwear, they say , as long as one can see on the help think of leather clothing, SM, feeling particularly exciting. large dildos
In fact, everyone 's heart lurks a more or less like the mentality of abuse , so the skin can provoke men underwear wild impression, and this in turn stimulate the impression provoked men lust . ejaculating dildos

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